The String Cheese Incident

Fuji Rock Festival

Niigata, JP

Jul 28, 2006

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About Formats
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Show Notes

Thanks to Rey Herce for the photos!

Thanks to James Geddes for recording this SOUNDBOARD recording for LiveCheese!


Team Moseley 8/18/2006 7:46:34 AM

"This was the earliest I have ever seen the boys play, an 11am start to open the Fuji Rock festival. They played the Green Stage which was very large and very high up off the ground, solid set of cheese. I was very excited to see them flying the Pink Floyd pig as Close Your Eyes quickly turned into Another Brick in the Wall. The Japanese fans were fired up and so were we. "


Setlist at Fuji Rock Festival, Niigata, JP on Jul 28, 2006

Set One

Intro 68


'Round The Wheel 665


How Mountain Girls Can Love 200


MLT 511


Search 480


Close Your Eyes 288


Another Brick In The Wall pt 2 377


Rollover 720


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