The String Cheese Incident

Horning's Hideout

North Plains, OR

Jun 20, 2004

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Show Notes
  • I Saw the Light, Big Sciota, The Old Home Place, Lonesome Fiddle Blues with Scott Law on mandolin

  • Mouna Bowa with Jeffree Lerner (from STS9) on percussion

  • Vacate, Alligator Alley with Keller Williams on guitar and vocals

  • Franklin's Tower with Keller Williams on guitar and vocals and Scott Law on guitar

  • Breathe with Keller Williams on guitar and vocals and Jamie Janover on Hammered Dulcimer

  • Jellyfish with John Whooley (from Hamsa Lila) on saxophone

  • Recorded & Mastered by Peter George & Jon O'Leary

  • Photos by Larry Fox & Brad Kasselman/

  • this show is also available as part of the Horning's Hideout discount package
  • Reviews

    jellyphish6969 8/30/2008 9:44:50 PM

    "4 very convincing words..... GOT WHAT HE WANTED..... uber funky"

    phantasymatt 6/28/2004 1:53:22 AM

    "well look at who all is over here :) I can`t wait to hear these shows because I wasn`t there and I know they`ll be hot. it`s been about 8 months since my last incident and I`m feeling the music they`re playing this year. can`t wait"

    sparks 6/26/2004 9:49:51 PM

    "i`d have to say that horning`s was the best incident i`ve ever had. keller (who i just saw for the first time ever) is one of my new musical heros. wonderful lineup, talented artists, and wonderful people. certainly the best birdland i`ve ever experienced. do yourself a favor and buy the whole horning`s run from this year."

    cheeseRjedi 6/26/2004 9:48:19 PM

    "I love how listening to this show can ALMOST transport me back to horning`s hideout.sunday night was one of the most high energy cheese shows i`ve ever been to,and as we all know,they feed off all of our circular sure came into play that night I look at this show as if it were 4 sets: set 1 split into two,before and after the acoustic part and set 2 split into two,before and after the mini keller incident.The show started out nice with some intimate acoustic songs and the LFB started out a bit different as Kang was having some troubles with his equipment,which is why the intro is a bit longer.the boys made up for it and rocked this LFB hard. next we got one of keith`s new songs,which was kinda funky.I dug it. After that,we got a little reminder that it was father`s day as keith and billy`s little girls came out for mouna bowa and took center stage with their awesome! Next we were treated to an awesome Got What He Wanted with keith layin his rhythms down hard.great keith action on this one. Next we got a beautiful Little Hands > Birdland.My friend was going nuts for his first little hands then when i heard the birdland intro,i started going absolutely started out kinda mellow but lit up and climaxed big. setbreak was a bit longer so i rested up for another big set.i was wiped out after that monster 9 song first set. Set 2 started out just right with the huge group hug which got everyone into celebration of life mode. i have to say,this 2nd set was more than just a seemed more like an apocalyptic party. the mini keller incident was great and seemed kinda reminscent of the nye 02 opening set. Vacate was super reggaed out and franklin`s tower was had everyone giving eachother hugs and huge smiles.after that we got alligator alley which i was personally praying for all night.then jamie janover came out and highlighted breathe,which was exactly what i needed to do at that point. Once keller left,i heard those familiar notes and thought `hey,didn`t they play this last night?` but as they led into valley,i couldn`t care less if i saw it the night before.this valley was huge,as was way back home which came next.Next we were treated to betray the dark,which i think is one of the best new songs they have come up they say they have the hamsa lila saxaphone player coming out and we got a super funked out jellyfish.OOH,GOO ON HER SHOE! this atom bomb erupted the crowd into a frenzy. led out by restless wind,but i knew they still had some juice and they came back out to close out the night with some marley.perfect way to end the weekend. we all left hungry for more but the cheese had given us such a precious gift by allowing us to share in the magic that had transpired.thank you to everyone who was there.see you all next year.."

    Hallie 6/26/2004 11:30:30 AM

    "Great Show! Great People! GOOD TIMES!"


    Setlist at Horning's Hideout, North Plains, OR on Jun 20, 2004

    Set One

    Intro 64


    I Saw the Light 166


    Big Sciota 342


    Old Home Place 201


    Lonesome Fiddle Blues 408


    Horning's Jam 385


    Lonesome Fiddle Blues 99


    Look At Where We Are 376


    Mouna Bowa 459


    Got What He Wanted 609


    Little Hands 584


    Flying Peacock Jam 56


    Birdland 172


    Flying Northwest Jam 542


    Birdland 195


    Set Two

    Vacate 416


    Franklin's Tower 458


    Alligator Alley 335


    Breathe 422


    Valley Of The Jig 857


    Way Back Home 830


    Betray The Dark 433


    Jellyfish 549


    Restless Wind 504



    Chatter 102


    Could You Be Loved 487


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