Jul 29, 2007

The String Cheese Incident

Horning's Hideout, North Plains, OR

07/29/07 Horning's Hideout, North Plains, OR


Set One

One Step Closer 296


  • $0.99
100 Year Flood 524


  • $0.99
Search 476


  • $0.99
Stingray 295


  • $0.99
Hey Pocky Way 678


  • $0.99
Joyful Sound 852


  • $1.29
Rain 618


  • $0.99
On The Road 597


  • $0.99

Set Two

Drums 377


  • $0.99
¡Bam! 512


  • $0.99
This Must Be The Place (Naive Melody) 399


  • $0.99
Heads Up Jam 275


  • $0.99
Black And White 688


  • $0.99
Black Clouds 921


  • $1.29
Farther 621


  • $0.99
Rollover 998


  • $1.29
Texas 423


  • $0.99

First Encore

Chatter 171


  • $0.99
Will It Go 'Round In Circles? 535


  • $0.99

Second Encore

Way Back Home 489


  • $0.99
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Show Notes
  • Hey Pocky Way features Dan Lebowitz from ALO

  • On The Road features Scott Law on guitar

  • Will It Go 'Round In Circles features ALO and Scott Law

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  • Reviews for this item

    naugget 12/2/2008 3:45:31 PM

    "just thought the next weekend at zoe was a few notches above hornings...very tight playing, epic jamming, sick setlists and bustouts...considering the fact it was right after hornings too. zoe def. gets my vote."

    Seed 8/4/2007 10:18:08 AM

    "That little flub during "Rain"... was funny. Don`t know what exactly happened, but Kyle almost took a digger, I think he had accidentally knocked over his mic and almost fell down trying to catch it. It was funny at the time, and you can hear it happening during "Rain." Altogether an awesome weekend of Cheese and craziness at Horning`s this weekend. I am going to miss looking forward to this festival. Thanks for the good times SCI!"

    PDX 8/3/2007 11:25:04 AM

    "All three shows were slammin`. Cheese rocked all weekend. I couldn`t have asked for a better three day run. The setlists were well planned with Cheese playing all of their different types of music. I`ve been a fan since the 1999 New Year`s run in Portland and after seeing them this year at Horning`s, I think it`s time for them to move on. I`d like to see them explore other musical options and come back strong with a different sound. Kyle`s solo stuff and his new band are awesome. HTHS is alittle mellow for me, but Nershi with Drew Emmitt....hell yeah. Does anyone know what Kang plans on doing? And Keith playing with Keller is good stuff. It seems like Billy wants to get back to his roots and I think Cheese let him play a lot of his songs during this farewell to Horning`s. Does this mean the remaining 5 will come back? I hope so, and I`d like to see them explore their electronic, jazz, transy jam stuff a little more with Kang continuing to shred. The jams at Horning`s were amazing, but I kept thinking they were going to go a little more into the electronic stuff......like the Valley of the Jig jams (my favorite song, but the Oregon gods couldn`t bring this one out), but they stayed true to their roots and their classic sound. Cheese is great, but it`s time to hear something new. The Beacon shows looked amazing and I can`t wait to see what they pull out at Camp Zoe and Red Rocks. I think they do best with 3 days runs. Thanks Cheese. Good luck and let`s keep it going! "

    mysticsnows 8/2/2007 3:52:16 AM

    "The whole experience was magical. There isn`t a better venue, and the energy was electric..."

    Ajeet 8/1/2007 9:13:45 AM

    "The fate of the wolrd as we know it relies on shows like this. No, really. The infusion of energies this weekend was unparalleled. Thanks to all of the other wolrdly entities that partiipated. SCI @ Hornings 2012, could make or break planet earth as we know it, please stay positive in all your actions. Manny Blessings to all."