The String Cheese Incident

IU Auditorium

Bloomington, IN

Oct 26, 2004

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  • Photos by Gil 'On The Road' Selinger (
  • Reviews

    ThatGuy 1/23/2006 12:43:04 PM

    "Hey Yowzah, I just wanted to let you know that Bloomington, Indiana is not in the middle of nowheresville. If you knew anything about music and the so-called jamband scene, you would know about the history of Bloomington and Nashville, Indiana. Jerry Garcia (who is he?) got his start with the godfather of bluegrass, a one Bill Monroe (do you know him?), in Nashville. (Not to mention Ralph Stanley, Rikki Skaggs, Bela Fleck, Edgar Meyer and the list goes on and on... Umphreys even got their start four hours north of here in SOUTH BEND, Indiana, not Chi-town...) If you actually took the time to read the insert in the CD from Old and In the Way it talks all about the rich bluegrass tradition of southern appalachia....dont ever say its a nowhere town has more music tradition than most cities ever will...i would be inclined to say that with the exception of New York, LA and Austin, TX, Bloomington is the next big mecca of music in the U.S..... if you don`t know what mecca means please contact me and I will explain to your naive self....thanks.... "

    yowzah 12/16/2004 5:39:44 PM

    "Wow - The Cheese really outdid themselves on this night in nowheresville. So many highlightgs I have not the time to mention them all. What I must inform people of is the What I KNow and the Black and White and the Shantytown. All 3 of these tunes were enough to knock me out. I`m really starting to dig What I Know. It`s such a great song I hope they play it a bunch in the coming tours. And the blakc Clouds was pretty sick aswell. Thanks to dave for the candy in the lotz and to cheese for the best show I`ve seen this year. Check it - "

    artie 11/30/2004 8:15:20 PM

    "All I can say is WOW!! Just downloaded this show and I must say I was impressed. My first incident and not my last for sure. First set was strong but What I Know took me to new heights. I mean this song was insane from start to finish. The second set highlights included Rollover and Black and White. I love those songs and I was thrilled to hear such great versions at my first show. Check out the SICK funky bass in Rollover it`s intense. The shantytown was a great closer. As far as the encore is conserned, well, Jason is simply on fire. that percussion jam was worth the price of admission. Most drum jams get a little old on disc but this one sounds just as good as it did live. To sum things up, great band, great night, great venue, great show, and for ten dollars how can you not download this show?!? Cheese please come back to IU soon! Peace "

    did 10/31/2004 5:52:27 PM

    "This was a crazy show. It was so cool seeing the Cheese at my school. I saw them for the first time the night before and I had a good time, but this show topped it by a million. The Rollover was the killer. That percussion dude they have had lately is pretty amazing, I`d love to see him stay with the band. If you`re looking for a show to download, look no further than this phatty show from IU! Peeeeeeeeeace"

    Tee Tee 10/31/2004 11:54:55 AM

    "Initially I was already excited about seeing String Cheese live for the first time. Now after seeing them, I definitely express an appreciation for their talents. The show resulted in trickled sweat from me dancing constantly to every song, even the slow ones. It was truly an experience with them I will do again and again and cherish. "


    Setlist at IU Auditorium, Bloomington, IN on Oct 26, 2004

    Set One

    Intro 120


    Restless Wind 472


    Doin' My Time 263


    Climb 444


    Oye Como Va 74


    Climb 411


    Eye Know Why 564


    Rhythm Of The Road 666


    Sirens 442


    Valley Of The Jig 921


    Set Two

    Intro 74


    Boo Boo's Pik-A-Nik 330


    Rollover 1216


    Just Passin' Through 318


    Don't Say 771


    Heart Of Saturday Night 320


    Black And White 703


    Shantytown 903



    Chatter 39


    Percussion 626


    Black Clouds 692


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