The String Cheese Incident

McMenamins Edgefield

Troutdale, OR

Jul 29, 2023

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About Formats
About Formats

YeOldPirate 9/15/2023 4:11:49 PM

"I’ll pitch in along with the three reviews from first time cheese show-goers. Well, I’m admittedly a long, long way from my first incident, and I’ve ebbed and flowed in and out of having this band be a focal point of mine, as my life’s tides similarly evolved and revolved... but I’ve always kept my ear out, paid attention, and the love has done nothing but grow. After a couple decades of following them all over this beautiful country, and finding much of myself while making friends and even family along the way, I was overjoyed by the quality, execution, confidence, and class the fellas demonstrated over the three night Oregon run— clearly they are tight, practiced, and giving it their all. After close to 200 incidents it will forever be a highlight of my life to have my 3 year old son with me for his first incident on this night. Words escape you when the universe shines on you and everything comes together like that... But I will say that having him ride on my shoulders down to the front of the stage, only to have them go out of a momentous Climb and into a dialed Close Your Eyes > One Step Closer ((he took the lyrics ‘open wide, from deep inside’ to be a cue to start biting me ferociously while we wrestle-danced and both laughed hysterically, and OSC had me tearing tF up, and it just doesn’t get better than that)) it was something I’ll never, ever forget. Magic. This show is high energy, steady and streamlined, with a great group ear to theme, intention, and long form harmony in which, from song to song and jam to jam, they kept it seamless yet exploratory and unquestionably fun. Portland showed up with the afterglow of decades of Hornings Hideout— as Kyle put it, ‘back in the day’. Admittedly, it had been some time since I’ve seen dust get kicked up like that— Everyone. Was. Grooving. I’ve revisited this show many times since, and it is one that has a quality and sentiment that will mark time and memory. If you are looking to melt and fold into yourself a few times I’d check out the second set of Bend. Eugene, the night before Portland, is beautiful as well! Idaho and Montana brought the 90’s vibes. Ultimately, this run really has reignited something. I can sense it— and I’m certain many others can too. This band is poised. Look tF out. And soak it all in. Giddey up. "

John 8/8/2023 10:23:18 AM

"First incident and it did not disappoint. Loved the variety and even the edm . Can’t wait for the next one <3 "

Aaron J 8/3/2023 1:48:46 PM

"First show for the wife and I and it was fantastic. What an incredible level of energy."

Nick Waner 8/3/2023 1:21:57 PM

"I was there! What an incredibly nice venue and pretty small crowd for being my first Incident. Cheese absolutely rocks and I’m a huge fan after that night. Groovy people and amazing music, so much fun! Cheers for uploading so I can relive the magic of last weekend ?"


Setlist at McMenamins Edgefield, Troutdale, OR on Jul 29, 2023

Set One

Intro 93


Heart Of Saturday Night 410


Black And White 754


The Walls Of Time 402


Group Hoot 70


Lonesome Fiddle Blues 839


Lend Me A Hand 499


Climb 829


Close Your Eyes 596


One Step Closer 801


Set Two

Intro Set Two 46


Beautiful 605


Sing a New Song 647


One More Time 376


Just One Story 878


Valley of the Jig 809


Joyful Sound 547


Rumble 239


The Big Reveal 534


Just One Story 472



Chatter 41


Rosie 573


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