The String Cheese Incident

Travelogue Summer 2012


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About Formats
Show Notes

Summer 2012 saw The String Cheese Incident return to some of our favorite venues... The Electric Forest, Red Rocks, The Berkeley and LA Greeks, and, of course, Horning's Hideout.   Along the way, the band was joined by some old and some new friends with some fabulous sit-ins.   For Travelogue 2012, I tried to capture both what's NEW with SCI, as well as a taste of those great guest artist sit-ins.  This was one of the toughest versions of Travelogue that I've put together, because there was so much great material to choose from, and a lot of songs had to be left out due to time constraints.  As always, I hope you enjoy listening to this compilation as much as I do...

Larry Fox (SCI Archives) August 2012

Here's the track listing:

Disc 1
1. How Mountain Girls Can Love (7/1 Rothbury with Traveling McCourys)
2. Rosie (7/14 Berkeley with Jerry Harrison)
3. Bumpin' Reel (7/6 Red Rocks)
4. Song In My Head (7/10 Park City)
5. Struggling Angel (7/5 Red Rocks)
6. Windy Mountain (6/30 Rothbury)
7. Pygmy Pony (7/5 Red Rocks)
8. Give Me The Love (7/15 Berkeley)
9. Just One Story (6/30 Rothbury)

Disc 2
1. Colorado Bluebird Sky (7/1 Rothbury)
2. Can't Wait Another Day (7/14 Berkeley)
3. BollyMunster (7/12 Flagstaff)
4. Lonesome Fiddle Blues (7/22 Hornings with Sam Bush)
5. It Is What It Is (7/22 Hornings)
6. Life During Wartime (7/14 Berkeley with Jerry Harrison)
7. Shakin' The Tree (7/13 LA with Youssoupha Sidibe on kora)
8. The Bridge (7/12 Flagstaff with Stanley Jordan)


Resume_Man 9/4/2012 11:32:26 AM

"Great mix of songs! Love all the guest appearances! Thanks for an awesome summer SCI!"


How Mountain Girls Can Love 216


Rosie 555


Bumpin' Reel 545


Song In My Head 404


Struggling Angel 450


Windy Mountain 571


Pygmy Pony 391


Give Me The Love 472


Just One Story 836


Colorado Bluebird Sky 779


Can't Wait Another Day 465


BollyMunster 496


Lonesome Fiddle Blues 765


It Is What It Is 688


Life During Wartime 385


Shakin' The Tree 695


The Bridge 393


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