The String Cheese Incident

Travelogue Summer 2006


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About Formats
Show Notes
Summer 2006 started with a coast-to-coast marathon with our friends Bob Weir & Ratdog. Next up, a couple of stops in the middle with longtime friend Keller Williams. It ended with the band's first trip to Alaska, followed by another trip to Japan's Fuji Rock, and then an epic Pacific Northwest run in Redmond WA and Eugene OR (with our friends and label mates Railroad Earth).

With all those shows, and all that music to choose from, the task of creating a 3-CD collection to represent this tour was not an easy one. I went through each show and picked what I considered the most interesting or unique moment(s) of each incident. As a result, this collection is filled with some new songs, seldom-played cover tunes, and, as always, a good amount of smokin' guest sit-ins. Of course, we couldn't include EVERYTHING, so there's still plenty of great music for you to explore when you check out the complete shows here at LiveCheese!

I hope you'll enjoy listening to this as much as I enjoyed putting it together!

Larry Fox
LiveCheese/SCI "On The Road"
August 2006

Here's the track listing...

01 TEXAS TOWN (6/26 - San Diego, CA)
02 FRIEND OF THE DEVIL (6/30 - Salt Lake City, UT)
03 SALT CREEK (7/15 - Mansfield, MA)
04 WEARY HOMESICK BLUES (7/15 - Mansfield, MA)
05 PIRATES (7/15 - Mansfield, MA)
06 COME BACK HOME (7/23 - Anchorage, AK)
07 I’VE JUST SEEN A FACE (8/6 - Eugene, OR)
08 RESUME MAN (7/1 - Red Rocks)
09 PRETTY POLLY (8/5 - Eugene, OR)
10 SUNTAN (8/2 - Redmond, WA)
11 THE WALLS OF TIME (8/5 - Eugene, OR)

01 RAIN (6/29 - Flagstaff, AZ)
02 TAMBA (7/2 - Red Rocks)
03 LIVELY UP YOURSELF (7/29 - Fuji Rock)
04 LOOKING GLASS (7/14 - Radio City)
05 LAND’S END (6/29 Flagstaff, AZ) >
06 BIG WOODS JAM (6/29 Flagstaff, AZ) >
07 GLORY CHORDS (6/29 Flagstaff, AZ)
08 CHINA CAT SUNFLOWER (7/1 Red Rocks) >
09 I KNOW YOU RIDER (7/1 Red Rocks)

01 PIECE OF MINE (8/4 - Eugene, OR)
02 BOOGIE ON REGGAE WOMAN (7/9 - Columbus, OH)
03 JUST ONE STORY (8/6 - Eugene, OR)
04 SKAT (7/10 - Canandaigua, NY)
05 SHINE (8/1 - Redmond, WA)
06 I WISH (6/28 - Phoenix, AZ)
07 WAKE UP (8/2 - Redmond, WA)
08 SHINE ON YOU CRAZY DIAMOND (7/14 - Radio City)
09 THE BRIDGE (8/6 - Eugene, OR)

  • Friend Of The Devil features (from Ratdog) Bob Weir (guitar & vocals), Jeff Chimenti (keyboards)

  • Come Back Home features Jim Sandy (keyboards)

  • I've Just Seen A Face, The Walls Of Time features (from Railroad Earth) Todd Sheaffer (guitar), Tim Carbone (violin), John Skehan (mandolin), Andy Goessling (guitar,banjo), Carey Harmon (percussion)

  • Tamba features (from Pangea) Chris Cuzme (horns), Dan Sears (horns)

  • Lively Up Yourself features (from Umphrey's McGee) Brendan Bayliss (guitar & vocals)

  • China Cat Sunflower > I Know You Rider features (from Ratdog) Bob Weir on guitar and vocals, Jeff Chimenti on keyboards, Jay Lane on percussion, Kenny Brooks on saxophone, and (our friend) Keller Williams on guitar/vocals

  • Shine features (from Honkytonk Homeslice) Scott Law (electric guitar)

  • I Wish, Shine On You Crazy Diamond features (from Ratdog) Kenny Brooks (saxophone)
  • Reviews

    Taka 9/11/2006 11:21:07 AM

    "to tell you the truth man i dunno if 10k needed to be on here, it was a solid show but no home crowd and none of the vibes like some of these other stops...although that glow stick war was indeed the shit...but this is pretty solid...amazing summer cheese...thank you so much...definently check out flagstaff lands end big woods...peace"

    Eduardo 9/8/2006 1:23:28 PM

    "Nothing from 10klf? Pretty disappointed...when does the larry fox top ten from the summer list?"


    Texas Town 351


    Friend Of The Devil 417


    Salt Creek 245


    Weary Homesick Blues 226


    Pirates 481


    Come Back Home 409


    I've Just Seen A Face 225


    Resume Man 374


    Pretty Polly 823


    Suntan 491


    The Walls Of Time 579


    Rain 587


    Tamba 483


    Lively Up Yourself 521


    Looking Glass 562


    Land's End 293


    Big Woods Jam 536


    Glory Chords 377


    China Cat Sunflower 629


    I Know You Rider 538


    Piece Of Mine 361


    Boogie On Reggae Woman 443


    Just One Story 453


    SKAT 413


    Shine 1041


    I Wish 496


    Wake Up 455


    Shine On You Crazy Diamond 626


    The Bridge 352


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