The String Cheese Incident

Travelogue Summer 2013


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Show Notes

From Telluride in late June, to Horning's Hideout in early August, the Summer 2013 String Cheese Incident tour saw the band revisit old favorite sites from the past (Telluride, Austin, Louisville), and regular summer stops (Electric Forest, Red Rocks, Horning's Hideout). 

For this version of "Travelogue",  we wanted to put together a shorter compilation that hit the highlights of the tour but also captured the variety of the band's unique tour stops.

Leading off with the SCI Classic,  " Résumé Man" from July 4th in Austin,  we follow that up with Kyle's "Piece of Mine" from the Electric Forest, this version with a really unique jam leading off the track.  Next up, "Big Shoes" from Red Rocks.   Once you've heard it, you'll agree, those shoes are BIG!   Following next is the Hideout Jam > Colorado Bluebird Sky combination from Horning's Hideout - the big set closer on night 2 prior to the big 'She-Bang'.   Finishing off the collection, another track from Electric Forest, the first night encore "Just One Story".

Here's the full track list...

1. Resume Man 7/4/2013 The Backyard, Austin TX

2. Piece Of Mine 6/30/2013 Electric Forest, Rothbury, MI

3. Big Shoes 7/26/2013 Red Rocks, Morrison, CO

4. Hideout Jam 8/3/2013 Horning's Hideout, North Plains, OR

5. Colorado Bluebird Sky 8/3/2013 Horning's Hideout, North Plains, OR

6. Just One Story 6/28/2013 Electric Forest, Rothbury, MI




Resume Man 393


Piece Of Mine 680


Big Shoes 1204


Hideout Jam 153


Colorado Bluebird Sky 680


Just One Story 657


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