Oct 29, 2005

The String Cheese Incident

Orleans Ballroom, Las Vegas, NV

10/29/05 Orleans Ballroom, Las Vegas, NV


Set One

Get Down Tonight 531


  • $0.99
Black And White 654


  • $0.99
Sittin' On Top Of The World 351


  • $0.99
MLT 764


  • $1.29
Sirens 900


  • $1.29
Lost 408


  • $0.99
Search 367


  • $0.99
Drums 440


  • $0.99
Thriller 1110


  • $1.29

Set Two

Las Vegas 731


  • $1.29
Hey Pocky Way 589


  • $0.99
Pack it Up 467


  • $0.99
Way Back Home 752


  • $1.29
Rivertrance 707


  • $0.99
Drifting 381


  • $0.99
This Must Be The Place (Naive Melody) 875


  • $1.29
Desert Dawn 905


  • $1.29
Restless Wind 606


  • $0.99


Chatter 122


  • $0.99
Miss Brown's Teahouse 759


  • $1.29
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Show Notes
  • Late Night Midnight Show

  • First Time Played: Thriller (Michael Jackson)

  • Get Down Tonight, Black And White, Lost, Search, Thriller, Hey Pocky Way, and Miss Brown's Teahouse featuring Chris Cuzme, Dan Sears (horns) (From Panjea)

  • Hey Pocky Way features Brendan Bayliss (guitar) from Umphrey's McGee

  • Save Money - Buy both 10/29/05 Vegas performances as part of the VEGAS 2005 package...

  • Thanks to John Smrtic & Jeff Smith for the photos!

  • Reviews for this item

    Shelli Holland 7/9/2006 1:35:05 PM

    "One of the best Peak Experiences I have been to yet!!! No need to see a Vegas show the boys provided all that for us. Defently worth downloading...super sick!!!"

    Tatomas 7/6/2006 3:52:55 PM

    "8 months and 6 cheese shows later & i still cant get over how awesome this show is. seriously i went to sea of dreams and If i had to choose late night vegoose or both nights sea of dreams I would take late night vegoose hands down no second thought at all. Every single song was played to perfection and the energy from the band and the crowd never let up once. it all started with get down tonight & oh how we got down this night. Brendon bayless was sick on hey pocky way. The tonal evangalists were perfect on every song they played horns on. It includes the best version of sirens, this must be the place and desert dawn i`ve ever heard. Not only the music but the fire blower, girls spinning from the ceiling, michael jackson impersonator and backup dancers. I have never been to such a fun show for any music act & thats no lie. Now i have no other choice but to spend every halloween with sci for life, I dont want to miss a incident like this!"

    slightlysonic 6/19/2006 1:22:16 AM

    "This show was amazing!!! THRILLER!!!"

    cheesyinsocal 2/25/2006 10:02:16 AM

    "absolutely sick"

    cheesetallica 1/12/2006 4:15:09 PM

    "With the setlist they played earlier, you knew they were gonna throw down. They wailed for like 4 hours. The best MLT, and Sirens ever. Never heard Las Vegas before,it really kicked the second set off right.Oh yeah thanx Uncle Joe!!!!!!"