The String Cheese Incident

Pine Mountain Amphitheatre

Flagstaff, AZ

Jun 29, 2006

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About Formats
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Show Notes
  • First time played: Solution (Kang)

  • First time played: Black Market (Weather Report cover)

  • 2nd Encore, Barstool the band was huddled around a few microphones after parts of stage taken down at end of show.
  • Reviews

    Two Ravens 7/13/2023 2:51:34 AM

    "My third incident and in my hometown. I can only mirror the other reviews about the energy and the vibe. Our beautiful venue holds about 3500 counting all the lawn GA. I’m perry sure we approached the 3000 mark. And I was able to bring three of my friends. The most memorable was the energy at the end and how we let the band know “We are not leaving.” I swear that less than 200 people left after the first encore. We were so grateful that they gave us such an excellent show. We need them to come back again, it’s been too long - this review is being posted in zjuly 2023. My memory is so clear on this. I just went to Hog Farm and have a ticket for Hulaween so at least 7 more nights/incidents this year. "

    Arkcheese 12/28/2006 11:37:24 PM

    " I wasn`t lucky enough to make it out there for this one but I bought the CD after looking at this incredible setlist. Cheese was definitely playing at the top of their game this night, and I have to say it is probably my new favorite live cheese cd. I highly recommend it!! I`m gonna miss my favorite band but it`s been more fun than words can describe seeing you guys play over the years and enjoying the positive energy you put into every performance."

    espcharlie 8/4/2006 8:14:53 PM

    "Im a new fan of the cheese but i gota say welcome back to az and this show was a kind show.can`t wait for vegoose and some more late night fun last yr was killer but the show in flag was out of this world.great new venue hope to see you all there next yr or sooner.I have to thank my friend mattie for turning me on to SCI."

    TReY 7/17/2006 10:09:17 AM

    "The shows sounds great so far. I swear every new tour cheese does they alter their sound just a little. this latest tour some songs sound like trance. Like the midle jam of Big Shoes. I want to know what that noise is. great tour so far."

    rastacolm 7/14/2006 1:48:25 AM

    "this show is old school cheese. fuckin classic, must have show. especially hmgcl --> barstool. brings a tear to the eye, especially for a western boy long away from home."


    Setlist at Pine Mountain Amphitheatre, Flagstaff, AZ on Jun 29, 2006

    Set One

    Rain 659


    Desert Dawn 582


    Drive 531


    Think Of What You've Done 199


    Blackberry Blossom 193


    Flagstaff Jam 601


    Blackberry Blossom 51


    Solution 399


    Land's End 300


    Big Woods Jam 536


    Glory Chords 379


    Smile 542


    Set Two

    Climb 954


    Joyful Sound 677


    Dudley's Kitchen 193


    Cats 545


    This Must Be The Place (Naive Melody) 472


    Heads Up Jam 361


    Big Shoes 914


    'Round The Wheel 866


    First Encore

    Black Market 495


    How Mountain Girls Can Love 427


    Second Encore

    Barstool 313


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