The String Cheese Incident

Red Rocks Amphitheatre

Morrison, CO

Jul 18, 2021

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About Formats
Show Notes

Photos by Doug Fondriest


Is this Kavot Cover band on set 2 1/22/2022 5:38:21 PM

"Set 2 was probably fun for a few kids on RCs ? But otherwise they had fun and if doing this ever again please change up your samples cheese really after a decade it’s deafening no matter what thump meter is used, head in clouds has potential at least "

Ryan 8/26/2021 9:09:24 AM

"So I just listened to the second set and it was better than I thought, but I liked the first set better. Some of the newer songs doesn’t have a whole lot of elements of blue grass, but still funky a d groovy and I like Lets Get Tight a lot as one of the newer tunes. Great Rhythm of The Road to! "

Ryan 8/25/2021 10:00:03 AM

"The second set definitely did not live up to the first set, but overall an excellent 3 night run at Red Rocks. I understand why people are a little down on the second set with lots of new material but the overall jams and how they stretched the songs didn’t sound that bad. Just like everyone else, The String Cheese Incident are human and sometimes you just have to take a risk and try something new. Unfortunately not every risk you take in life works out and you just bounce back and maybe try something a little bit different the next time. I can only imagine in how tiring it has to be to always be on the road and playing in front and of thousands of fans and playing the same classic songs over and over again. I don’t blame the Cheese for experimenting something different. So long live the Cheese and hope to see you in my home town Chicago. "

Alumni Blues 7/31/2021 7:34:30 PM

"Favorite jam from this show…..Come As You Are…. Check it if only have one song in ya. "

What happened to cheese?!? 7/23/2021 2:21:22 PM

"First set was what we pay to experience. Second set was a joke. Cheese please go into the mountains and find your roots again. "


Setlist at Red Rocks Amphitheatre, Morrison, CO on Jul 18, 2021

Set One

Lonesome Fiddle Blues 865


Old Train 200


Cottonmouth 319


Dudley's Kitchen 187


45th of November 905


Born On The Wrong Planet 463


Mouna Bowa 603


Into The Blue 750


Miss Brown's Teahouse 832


Set Two

All We Got 504


Vertigo 616


Bumpin' Reel 752


Get Tight 451


Come As You Are 885


Drums 429


Rhythm Of The Road 848


The Big Reveal 812



I Know You Rider 238


Stir It Up 235


I Know You Rider 223


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