The String Cheese Incident

Rhythm of the Road: Volume One

Incident In Atlanta, Atlanta

Nov 17, 2000

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About Formats
Show Notes
  • Luckie Street Jam, Orange Blossom Special, Midnight Moonlight, and Black Clouds with Tony Furtado on banjo.
  • The Old Home Place and Shenandoah Breakdown acoustic with Tony Furtado on banjo, without Travis or Kyle

  • Shakin' The Tree with Tony Furtado on guitar.

Eric 7/31/2022 5:28:46 PM

"This one is my favorite. Granted I prefer 2001 and older cheese so a little biased. The peaks of some 98-99 shows are better and probably more fun to attend but this one is pure fire all the way through and holds up to this day on tape. "

Fern 1/5/2011 7:14:38 PM

"Sometimes I prefer the post Hann shows (I feel the he helps create a "full"(er) sound for the band). But this show is outta sight, for real. I can't believe no one's mentioned the Impressions. Holy f*ck! Impressions and Blue Bossa are some of those jazz standards that Cheese perfected with Travis alone. Anyone who gets what I say, understands; get this show! Un-freaking-believable!"

Lovenugget 12/2/2010 7:29:16 AM

"This has been one of the longest lasting shows I've had from my time browsing the archive, so having it remastered and produced by these guys is so awesome. Get this show...there are so many points when you are listening to it when you will say "Did that just happen?" Highlights are definitely Missin' Meand Black Clouds, but everything is just crisp and energetic."

Bbailey 11/29/2010 11:03:14 PM

"We were there...pure epic two night run in one of the best venues. We remember these shows vividly and thank you for the release as my discs of the shows are too scratched to be played any more 10 yrs."

Sather 11/17/2010 4:31:15 PM

"This and ever."


Setlist at Rhythm of the Road: Volume One, Incident In Atlanta, Atlanta, GA on Nov 17, 2000

Set One

Smile 646


  • $0.99
Joyful Sound 575


  • $0.99
Luckie Street Jam 243


  • $0.99
Orange Blossom Special 571


  • $0.99
Barstool 347


  • $0.99
Pygmy Pony 346


  • $0.99
Missin' Me 680


  • $0.99
Ramble On 517


  • $0.99

Set Two

Group Hoot 250


  • $0.99
Outside And Inside 514


  • $0.99
Impressions 1191


  • $1.29
Glory Chords Jam 329


  • $0.99
Midnight Moonlight 535


  • $0.99
This Must Be The Place (Naive Melody) 516


  • $0.99
Miss Brown's Teahouse 1025


  • $1.29
Wake Up 608


  • $0.99
Black Clouds 1090


  • $1.29


The Old Home Place 320


  • $0.99
Shenandoah Breakdown 245


  • $0.99
Shakin' The Tree 738


  • $1.29

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