The String Cheese Incident

Snow King Center

Jackson Hole, WY

Apr 5, 2005

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About Formats
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Show Notes
  • Midnight Moonlight through Shantytown and Cash On The Barrelhead through Land's End featuring Drew Emmitt (vocals & mandolin)

  • On The Road with Drew Emmitt on electric guitar

  • first Bend In The River

  • first Cash On The Barrelhead

  • Thanks to Cathy Hash for the photos!

  • Reviews

    jackson cheese 7/21/2007 9:40:48 PM

    "All around a great day. Bbq at ben`s with some old friends, walked to the show at the king center, the same place I played and won the rec league hockey title of jackson hole. Vibe was very intimate. It felt like the cheese came to play in my backyard for me and my friends! Small venue not too crowded. Great Show! Drew Emmit was a nice surprise. Midnight moon light awesome. The "locals apprecation nite".... Sweet!!"

    skye joynes 4/15/2005 8:35:46 PM

    "holy cow! was this show great! an amazing intimate atmosphere with tons of room to dance and just to have a grand time in general...with the usual hints of marijuana in the air. with town clearing out after ski season, the small group made getting close to stage real easy, always a plus. the play list was awesome...started out nice and easy with rhythm of the road to get everyone going and then escalated into total madness as the second set approached and wore on. drew emmitt was an excellent addition to the band - his `bend in the river` was great with some fabulous old school bluegrass vocals and fiddle work. i`m thinking about calling this my new favorite cheese show! "

    Cathy Hash 4/15/2005 7:23:26 PM

    "best. white freightliner. ever. the first show this tour with drew. LOTS of dancing seemed like there were as many people there as there were in utah...but in a 2,000 person venue instead of a tiny club. i`m still getting used to the new rainbow serpent but it`s growing on me. a nice intense rhum n zouc in the first set. 2nd set started out nice with a huge crazy dance party shantytown with drew which segued nicely into birdland.good to see the relatively rare funky pickin up the pieces before some more heavy bluegrass action. my only gripes about this show are that it seemed like they were on a bit of a time restraint.the whole thing seemed kinda short.that and the fact that drew didn`t really get a solo during land`s end (which was HOT anyways) which was really no big deal considering all the solos we got earlier and over the next 2 nights. this whole tour raged.i really feel like they got back to their roots a bit more.i really feel like this tour`s gonna be talked about for a while,like fall 2000.can`t wait for summer."

    Michael P. 4/10/2005 8:42:11 PM

    "It was "local`s appreciation night" at the Snow King Center, a few days after the Jackson Hole Mountain Resort had closed and town had started clearing out. What we got was an intimate, old-school style throwdown. Great sound, tons of room to dance at the undersold venue and a really chill vibe. The first set is highlighted by an adventurous Desert Dawn, a tight percussion jam in the Rhum N Zouc and the longest version of Midnight Moonlight I`ve ever heard. Drew Emmitt is a welcome addition to the band all night. The second set explodes right out of the gate with an incredibly high energy Shanytown>Birdland. Land`s End is just majestic, with Drew adding a ton to the classic. The entire show is warm and exuberant and worth hearing."


    Setlist at Snow King Center, Jackson Hole, WY on Apr 5, 2005

    Set One

    Chatter 57


    Rhythm Of The Road 616


    Desert Dawn 843


    Rainbow Serpent 434


    Rhum 'N Zouc 579


    Texas Town 291


    Chatter 59


    Midnight Moonlight 704


    Wheel Hoss 284


    Bend In The River 315


    Set Two

    Shantytown 769


    Birdland 1076


    On Fire 351


    Pick Up The Pieces 237


    Chatter 60


    Cash On The Barrelhead 392


    White Freightliner Blues 375


    Land's End 1070



    Chatter 141


    On The Road 264


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