The String Cheese Incident

Stubb's BBQ

Austin, TX

Sep 16, 2006

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  • The CD purchase includes both the festival set and the Stubb's evening show!

  • Alternate Downloadable Artwork is available to the right, for 3-Disc version of the Austin shows (Disc 1 = ACL, Disc 2/3 = Stubbs). Use the Artwork labeled with the #1 and #2's.

  • First Time Played: I Am A Pilgrim
  • Reviews

    joey hydro 9/19/2006 10:57:07 PM

    "ya i was at the 10K show at let me tell you - it was hard to make everything out from like 30 rows back... i was tryin to groove but i could barely hear them... i think the whole crowd chanting TURN IT UP!!! in between songs helped tho.. a little bit"

    SCIPHREAK 9/19/2006 9:19:29 PM

    "Amazing thing to the sound after show (Even at 10k you can hear the crowd chanting...) TURN IT UP! Jon`O knew how to turn it up, surely you can as well. It`s hard to groove 100% if you`re struggling to make out the band! Much Love."

    Will 9/19/2006 1:50:14 PM

    "This show was NASTY! I beg to differ to the guy who called Austin a "pansy city"- Austin is the Live Music Capital of the World for a reason... I Thought the ACL set was great too mostly because they had some great jams although the intensity of the ACL crowd didn`t compare to the Stubb`s crowd... I felt like a lot of the ACL crowd weren`t really big Cheese fans- (maybe most were just passing their time untill Tom Petty showed up.)- Once we got to Stubb`s we went straight to the front row... the only problem I had w/ the concert was the fact that it started 30 minutes late (it was hard for the road crew to get set up with a short window of time between ACL and Stubb`s.) However, after the show started it was nothing but intensity from the band (Hollingsworth was feelin it big time!) Of course I`m gonna say that Rivertrance was great and it was a pleasant surprise to get that Magic Carpet ride, but my favorite for the night was the Rhum ‘N Zouc and the jams they came up with during that one... This was the first day of Cheese I had since 10,000 Lakes so I was wondering if the Austin sets even had a chance to compare- Id say that ACL didn`t really compare to 10KLF but the Stubb`s show deffinately did... -It was a great day of Cheese in Austin, Texas! Have fun at Vegoose in the city of sleaze! -Will"

    Chas 9/18/2006 9:34:09 AM

    "SICK SHOW!!! great to see the cheese back at Stubb`s! It`s been too long. Awesome show opener and closer with Way Back Home! Happy Birthday Billy! This was defintaely the highlight of the weekend, we had so much fun. Bring the Queso back for three nights at the backyard!!!"

    Jared 9/17/2006 9:33:21 PM

    "Amazing show considering THE LIVE MUSIC CAPITOL OF THE WORLD HAS A RIDICULOUS CITY ORDINANCE NOT ALLOWING LIVE MUSIC OUTSIDE AFTER 12:30 A.M. Way to go Austin...very lame...very lame. The boys rocked it for 2 hrs solid, but for 30$ I think we deserved more than we were allowed...I know it`s not their fault though. Amazing Rivetrance and Billy used his acoustic on Outside Inside, it`s amazing how much better of a song it is when he plays his acoustic. Sick Missin` me as well, gotta love the way back home sandwhich, thank you guys, wish we could`ve rocked out til 2, SINCE IT WAS A "LATE NIGHT" show... Oh well we`ll see the real definition of Late Night at a town that knows how to party unlike pansy Austin.. Peace Folks :)"


    Setlist at Stubb's BBQ, Austin, TX on Sep 16, 2006

    Set One

    Intro 250


    Way Back Home 786


    Sittin' On Top Of The World 307


    Pack it Up 544


    It Is What It Is 739


    Rhum 'N Zouc 569


    Magic Carpet Ride 280


    Rivertrance 942


    Missin' Me 783


    Outside And Inside 634



    I Am A Pilgrim 233


    On The Road 580


    Way Back Home 124


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