The String Cheese Incident

The Backyard

Austin, TX

Oct 16, 2004

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Show Notes
  • Radio Blues & It Takes a Lot to Laugh, It Takes a Train to Cry features Carolyn Wonderland on vocals and guitar

  • First Time Played - Radio Blues - (Carolyn Wonderland)

  • First Time Played - It Takes A Lot To Laugh, It Takes A Train To Cry - (Bob Dylan)

  • First Time Played - Celtus Mobius 2000 - (Traditional - Comotion)

  • First Time Played - Heart Of Saturday Night - (Tom Waits)

  • Reviews

    jr 4/19/2005 5:08:43 PM

    "I had just heard abut SCI the day before the concert @ The Backyard. I got tickets and went to see one of the most fun and brilliant shows I had ever heard of. The band was so energised and the crowd so enthusiastic you could`nt help but have a blast watching them jam. I am eagely awaiting the next concert that comes my way."

    Thomas Hearon 10/25/2004 4:36:33 PM

    "Great setlist and show all around. The Backyard is one of TX`s greatest. Perfect night, perfect crowd. Rivertrance carried the show. EXCELLENT!!"

    toddycheesester 10/23/2004 1:18:22 AM

    "This Show was all about the LOOKING GLASS-very tight great distortion and peaking leads during the Jams and very good on the vocals and harmony`s.The whole show was very good from the opener of this must be the place whith kyles synthesizer sounds (AKA The X-KYLES) LOL>.. It was Also VERY COOL to Hear SCI Play Such Standard blues as they did with Carolyn it was a nice treat. I wanted To hear Lost and it was a good one. IT`S ALL GOOD CHEESE Spread the word and enjoy. "

    John Jennings 10/21/2004 9:02:53 AM

    "Out of this world. Miss Browns Teahouse with all the echoing and intense jam on the 3rd night was crrrraaazzyy! Keep it coming Cheese. Till the next Incident."

    Dooda 10/20/2004 12:04:03 PM

    "WOW!~ Carolyn Wonderland is one of the Texas Tribe`s hometown favorites and having her on stage to open the 2nd set was a dream come true. Not for just her either, but for all of those that have ever heard or seen her live. We brought 2 newbies to the show that nite and they are True Believers now. After not having seen the Cheese in 13 months, I was definitely having lactose withdrawal. This run cured me of that ill and made me long for another slice of gouda. Jason is a welcomed addition to the band and so is the new backdrop. Praise Cheesus and thank you to all the FOCs, old & new...:) PS: Get the Live Cheese downloads, they`re definitely worth it!!"


    Setlist at The Backyard, Austin, TX on Oct 16, 2004

    Set One

    Intro 42


    This Must Be The Place (Naive Melody) 579


    Heads Up Jam 243


    Sirens 459


    Restless Wind 408


    These Waves 477


    Yo Sé 463


    Looking Glass 510


    Bee Caves Jam 328


    Desert Dawn 747


    Set Two

    Intro 41


    Radio Blues 329


    It Takes A Lot To Laugh, It Takes A Train To Cry 315


    Best Feeling 906


    Heart Of Saturday Night 389


    Lost 538


    All Blues 349


    Search 360


    Percussion Jam 345


    Rivertrance 324


    Celtus Mobius 2000 95


    Dust Jam 133


    Rivertrance 568



    Group Hoot 153


    Little Hands 496


    Boogie On Reggae Woman 416


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