The String Cheese Incident

The Warfield

San Francisco, CA

Jul 21, 2004

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About Formats
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Show Notes

  • Recorded & Mastered by Peter George & Jon O'Leary

  • Way Back Home features Sikiru Adepuju (from African Heartbeat) on drums
  • Reviews

    fern 9/6/2005 12:18:53 PM

    "Sic ass Valley-but TEXAS is worth the $ itself. Get this show!!! NO ONE does it like the cheese!!! "

    Frank Seanez 9/9/2004 11:49:47 AM

    "7/21/04 Set One Smile - Worldbeat Ballad. No studio release. This feel good tune can turn the world on. The song lyrically explores the issues of separation and yearning which are the other side of Billy’s travelin’ music. One of the best openers in the String Cheese lineup, it begins the Incident on a joyful and hopeful note. Lonesome Fiddle Blues - Bluegrass. Live studio release - A String Cheese Incident (1997). Keith gets us ready for the Day of the Eagle, with his Too Rolling Stoned bass at the giddyup. Then Billy takes over for the initial statement of the theme and passes the blues back and forth between Mandokang and Fiddlekang. There follows a langorous internal jam, which builds to a frenetic restatement of theme and finish. Look At Where We Are - Bossa Quesa. New Cheese. Keith’s tune makes you want to get another chop and moseley on down to the Copa. Todo bem! Close Your Eyes - Rock. Studio release - Outside Inside (2001). Kyle’s fine exploration of Dad’s search for meaning in love and work is a standout, with some tasty slide riffs by Mr. Nershi. The somewhat breathless vocal delivery by Mr. Hollingsworth detracts a bit from the impact of the song. San Jose - Worldbeat. Live studio release - A String Cheese Incident (1997). This excellent version of the Old School Cheese number features a wide variety of gritos from the boys, ranging from your basic WHOOO! to a number of cries which appear to have been developed by Howard Dean’s former campaign staff, or perhaps Howard himself! Galactic - Jazz. Studio release - Round the Wheel (1998). This techno funky jazz number has gone semi-retired a number of times, but here it is, back from the depths of the Oort Cloud in an exclusively instrumental form! After a clean statement of the theme, wherein it carves a bright arc across the firmament, trailing a tail of erupting gasses, it heads back out of the solar system for a bit of extraterrestrial fatback bass, B-3, synth/sample, and mando fun, before restating the theme and abruptly blinking out. It Is What It Is - Psychedelic Psea Pshanty. New Cheese. This shiver me timbers Kangsung expedition features a strong billowing jam and more of those Mormon-laced lyrics that we first encountered in Rollover. Those who favor the Church of Latter Saints Days will certainly take a liking to the ropey riffs which lash the travelers to the mast before the caesura and spiraling mando which precedes the rainbow bridge to the return to the original theme for the final verse and chorus. A fine set closer. Set Two Way Back Home - Celtic Worldbeat. New Cheese. This Scottish fling is better than a bowl of haggis 007 style. Kyle’s best recent songwriting credit and a particularly good version, this is. The interplay in the lyrical comings and goings make this a Escher print of a song, and it works so well no matter which whey they go. And here they go!!! Valley Of The Jig - House Bluegrass. Studio release - Untying the Not (2003). The Cheese ease into this Youthful bluegrass stomp with a wowing synth and fiddle taters, followed by a red-haired statement of the theme. Billy and Kang twin their guitar and fiddle very nicely, then yield the field to a bass and percussion clogfest, overlaid with synth. The Warfield clan can really get into a righteous Braveheart hypnotic dance in the midst of this semitechno vibe, even with feat of clay, more or less! Emma`s Dream - Ballad. New Cheese - Another track on the alternative universe 2003 studio release, Desert Dawn, Emma’s Dream masquerades as a Brent Mydland style I Will Take You Home. In fact, it has much more to do with Dark Star than Brahm’s Lullabye, and this take is no exception. Best Feeling - Rock. This cover of the classic Keller Williams tune is always a treat. Kangsung and Billypicked, and always supported by the rocksteady Moseley bass, the barefoot boys do an excellent job. Kyle’s addition of watery textures and the varied percussive effects provided by Travis really fill it out in a whey that even the multi-talented Kdub cannot hope to match. Is that a Bubblehouse I hear in the midst of the jam? This one starts to ratchet up towards what appears to be an inevitable Mountain Girl spankfest, until off the bottom of the deck they draw ... The Joker - Reggaeso. As was pointed out in earlier posts to the Incidentalist, this is likely THE BEST cover of Steve Miller’s Joker ever. You can even tell from the discs that Billy has never run harder or furthur, and his interjections, inter alia relative to the meaning and spelling of .... pompetous, are just a bit funnier, somehow. As if you didn’t already have enough reason to download this Incident! Hotel Window - Country Ballad. New Cheese. Another track from Desert Dawn, Billy returns to the recurring lyrical theme of separation from loved ones on the road. This beautiful song of longing plays equally well whether you’re looking out from the Seal Rock Inn or the Westin Oklahoma City. Billy’s impassioned guitar work stands in stark contrast to the intentionally weary tone of the vocals, eddying into the plaintive mando fill and final verse/chorus and into ... Texas - Rock. Studio release - Born on the Wrong Planet (1996). Live studio release - Carnival ‘99 (1999). This tale of victory snatched from the jaws of defeat never fails to satisfy. The vocals are especially good, with both melody and harmony coming through well, and Kang’s tasty licks popping up all over like, well ... mushrooms! You can apparently get to Funkytown from Texas, and Kyle takes us into a world of Payne prior to the final verse/chorus and bodacious jamout. Is there a better closer than this one? Encore Joyful Sound - Reggouda. Studio release - Outside Inside (2001). This version of what Lizzy used to refer to as “The Na-na Song” is pleasing not only as a good tune, but a perfect ouroborous for the opening number, Smile. The Cheese has us coming and going with grins and joyful sounds! It’s a LOVEfield, says I!"

    Adam Curtis 7/23/2004 7:49:44 PM

    " CHEESE + Warfield = FUN! FUN! FUN! Always a great time @ the Warfield. Met a bunch of really nice people which only added to the great vibe and high energy on the dance floor. Great shows both nights. Peace-Adam."


    Setlist at The Warfield, San Francisco, CA on Jul 21, 2004

    Set One

    Intro 101


    Smile 552


    Lonesome Fiddle Blues 425


    Market Street Jam 521


    Lonesome Fiddle Blues 74


    Look At Where We Are 356


    Close Your Eyes 570


    San José 531


    Galactic 823


    It Is What It Is 688


    Set Two

    Intro 84


    Way Back Home 701


    Valley Of The Jig 1051


    Emma's Dream 438


    Best Feeling 1075


    The Joker 410


    Hotel Window 513


    Texas 784



    Chatter 73


    Joyful Sound 638


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