The String Cheese Incident

Tower Theatre

Philadelphia, PA

Oct 4, 2003

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Show Notes
  • This show is one of the reccent SOLD OUT shows from the "On The Road" series, now made available once again, exclusively, as a digital download.

  • Recorded by Jon O'Leary and Peter George

  • Mastered by Matt Sandoski, David Glasser and David Henry, Airshow Mastering, Boulder Colorado

  • Reviews

    JahBoots 7/9/2021 11:02:04 PM

    "This show is a great example of the Band’s transitional phase towards techno cheese trance. With a new musical focus "

    matt wasel 7/29/2005 4:32:52 AM

    "not to dis the next night, but this show is happening...very exploritory, and adventuress...the crowds in Philly are always juiced, you can feel the energy during the first set, and it builds all night...if you listen closely you can hear the crowd cheering for the Flyers...i play this show more than any other on my stereo..."

    larry 8/30/2004 4:42:43 PM

    "This was my second show. I am not a big fan, but I liked them enough to check them out. I really enjoyed the first set. They hit alot of songs I liked and it was a real long first set. It was not the most polished performance I ever heard, but a very spirited one. I really dug it. The second set got a little spacy on me and I felt a little bored at times. Bill Nershi didn`t seem to know what he was doing at times and I longed to hear Kang tear it up which really didn`t happen. I have to say the crowd was really energetic and fun to be around. They are one of the strengths of the band. Overall, good show. I will go back again."

    Melroy McElroy 4/12/2004 8:02:39 PM

    "What a great show! My first Incident ever, and I was seated in the second to last row on ground level. So I was unfortunately under the balcony. When restless wind started I knew I was going to love the show. I Came to the show wanting to hear Sittin on top of the world, shine, rivertrance, and barstool. And I got what I wanted! The first set kicked ass as the songs weaved into eachother, these guys really know how to jam. The second set was pure insanity, I can`t wait to find out exactly how LONG that rivertrance was, but to me and my friends it felt like it was a half hour. The encore was crazy, I loved barstool so much, and then when I realized they were going into shakin the tree, I couldn`t believe it. Kang tore it up on vocals, but I must say one of the things I love about SCI is the lack of a lead singer or frontman, each man is talented in his own area and together they shine. Unfortunately, I can`t go to tonight`s show (the 5th), but next time they come around I`m gonna be there!! -dave 10/5/03 (review from"


    Setlist at Tower Theatre, Philadelphia, PA on Oct 4, 2003

    Set One

    Intro 36


    Restless Wind 394


    Joyful Sound 917


    I Wish 353


    SKAT 457


    Sittin' On Top Of The World 321


    Close Your Eyes 319


    Sand Dollar 477


    Close Your Eyes 187


    Shine 652


    ¡Bam! 593


    Set Two

    Intro 51


    Whiskey Before Breakfast 379


    Desert Dawn 638


    Looking Glass 565


    Orion's Belt 296


    Rivertrance 1224


    Get Down Tonight 275


    Sunshine Jam 155


    On The Road 687



    Chatter 128


    Barstool 298


    Shakin' The Tree 784


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