The String Cheese Incident

Wiltern Theatre

Los Angeles, CA

Jul 23, 2004

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About Formats
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Show Notes
  • Recorded & Mastered by Peter George & Jon O'Leary

  • Special Guest Jason Hann on Percussion for this show.
  • Reviews

    does it really matter 12/6/2004 11:26:31 AM

    "without a doubt, the best cheese show of 2004, smokin show from begining to end. i say this everytime though, who is in charge of the tracking of these downloads, and who keeps on naming every little break in birdland, just let the damn song finish. buy this show though for the MLT>Water, i got my dad and his friend listening and loving this show. oh yeah little hands>climb, nice!"

    frankseanez 11/3/2004 11:30:58 AM

    "7/23/04 Set One Restless Wind - Bluegrass. Studio release - Round the Wheel (1998). Billy is in good voice on this tale of loss and remembrance. Kang provides some fine fiddle work on this version. Double stops for everyone! MLT - Latin Instrumental. Studio release - Round the Wheel (1998). Jason Hann is introduced by Billy, as a local boy. This version sports a bass and percussion intro into My Latin Tune. This is a rare take on MLT, with ululating vocalizations augmenting the usual instrumental. Kyle gives us a good 70`s show of synth. This first exciting interplay between Travis and Jason Hann on the drum interlude is historic. Water - Rock. This Kangsung track from the alternative universe 2003 studio release, Desert Dawn, finds Kang in good voice for the LA crowd. This rendering contains a very interesting Communique-style jam. Walls of Time - Bluegrass. This Peter Rowan cover is delivered in its usual excellent manner, with Keith in good voice. What takes this version out of the ordinary is the screeching good Kang mando solo. Boo-Boo’s Pikanic - Ragtime. Instead of ripping immediately into the tune, the boys favor us with a bluegrassy intro which seems to be winding towards some Mountain Girls. However, the veil drops and instead here are Charlie Chaplin and the Keystone Kops chasing Boo-Boo, and presumably Yogi through the campground. Kyle’s virtuoso keyboards are augmented by some exceptionally fine acoustic guitar pickin’ by Billy. Sweet Melinda - Bluegrass. I can almost hear the buzz of the Free Mexican Airforce overhead as the Cheese embark on their second Peter Rowan cover of the evening. Keith ably handles the vocal chores. This version is graced by a big, big jam that has to be heard to be believed and which takes off into ... Birdland - Jazz. Live studio release - Carnival ‘00 (1999). This excellent cover of the Weather Report chart topper features all of the barefoot boys at the height of their instrumental prowess. Keith does his Jaco take. Kyle reveals his mastery of the synth and the B-3, Billy shows us that the acoustic/electric can hold its own in just about any context, Kang explodes with ripping mando breaks, and the twin towers of Cheese percussion, Travis and Jason, give us a taste of what is to come from their collaboration. The Big Sandy River interlude is laid out by Billy and Kang, as crisp and tasty as fried chicken on a red and white checkered tablecloth, leading back into the statement of the original theme. A good set closer. Set Two Group Hoot - This Cheesey tradition should be reinstated for ALL Incidents. It is essential to the melding of the energies of the band and the FOCs in the house. Dirk - R&B. This sinewy searchin’ tune is yet another track from the String Theoretical 2003 studio release, Desert Dawn. It’s a true Wonderland of hard pumping funk, which features big B-3 action by Kyle. This version sports a middle jam which induces the same beta waves as the famed hypno-toad from Futurama, and has been rumored to be as or more effective than recollection of sports statistics for critical extension/diffusion of attention. Little Hands - Ballad. Live studio release - A String Cheese Incident (1997). This Kang and Billysung version has a simple and direct intro with the barefoot boys trading off the verses, and joining with Keith for the strong and soulful choruses. Kyle’s piano break contains the beauteous cascading triads, and is followed by a rich thatch of Billy cedar, out of which erupts the sailing and swooping Kang fiddle. The jam resolves into a slot canyon crawl, in which the Billy lap steel figures prominently before finding a subterranean synth river out of which we must ... Climb - World R&Beat. This track was the first track on Side B of the vinyl single release of Desert Dawn in an alternative universe where SCI Fidelity still released records. Kangwrit and Kangsung, its plaintive and searching verses scale towards a rollicking release in the chorus. The sung bridge launches the band as it flies away towards a landscape at first sketchily viewed, as if from a great height, in suspension. Then, following the period of zero-g, the band rushes towards the geographic features, the piano escalating the pace of the descent until Kyle rolls back the dive and Kang’s mando sends the jam skimming just above the surface of the peaks, mesas, spires and hoodoos of the American southwest. Resume Man - Country ballad. Studio release - Born on the Wrong Planet (1996). This rendering of the old school cheese anecdote features the vocal stylings of Keith Moseley, the Oklahoma Crooner, and the sweet fiddle fills of Michael “Dude Looked Like a Lady” Kang. The declared winner of the extended man contest was Presidential candidate, Keith Moseley, who also made up the song. Big Shoes - Jazz. New Cheese. This song provides lots of room for the barefoot boys to wiggle their musical toes. Keith initially spreads out the leather prior to Billy’s first vocal turn on the single lyrical line and the slightly-Almanesque hook. When the boys get running, all the funky sounds start to make themselves known. At the end of the jam, the boys air it out, prior to a return to the initial spread and hook. Rivertrance - Celtic fiddle tune. This track was the final song on the alternative universe 2003 studio release, Desert Dawn. While Big Shoes cannot be considered a totally instrumental song, it is hardly a fulsome lyrical exploration. That makes the appearance of this birdsong Rivertrance more of a surprise, albeit a welcome surprise. There’s a real good reason that this song was selected in the alternative universe to end the CD. It’s a drowned world killer. On the Road - Rock. Studio release - Round the Wheel (1998). The Rivertrance ends with a fine percussion jam between Travis and Jason that ripens into the driving intro of On the Road. Always a rollicking show stopper, this version highlights the contributions of new percussionist, Jason Hann, who gets another shout out at the end of the tune. First Encore Bigger Isn’t Better - Blues. Studio release - Born on the Wrong Planet (1996). This bass and B-3 take on the old school Cheese tune features tasty percussive touches from Jason Hann. The Stormy Friday jam lays down some clean compressed mando lines from Kang and threatens an Exodus breakout before resolving into a technosynth house of frozen mirrors with reflections of Eleanor Rigby prominent in Kang’s riffs. Rivertrance - Celtic fiddle tune. Percolating from the end jam of Bigger Isn’t Better, the sinuous strains of the Rivertrance reprise. The reprise features a full-on Kyle electric piano break and the crowning glory of the Kang inside-out Rivertrance riff. If this dinna blow your kilt up, ye got too much haggis in yer belly! Second Encore Tom Thumb’s Blues - Ballad. This cover of the classic Bob Dylan song starts out with acoustic guitar Billy delivering the vocal goods. The Kangly salsa adds heat and spice to the mix. Billy’s gone back to California, but if you haven’t had enough, may I suggest some Viva Las Vegas to follow up on this fine Wiltern Incident? "

    blown away! 8/1/2004 1:20:46 AM

    "i`ve only been lucky enough to hear the AUD from that sick night, and let me say it smokes!!! if you like high energy incidents with percussion making you move then buy this show now! travis and jason played so well together, i was in awe listening to it. the WATER is without a doubt the best one ever! damn. by the end of the show you`ll want jason to be there 6th member. i believe he joined them in vegas a few nights later, i haven`t heard it yet but i can`t wait. great encore too, so glad they finished trance, so cool."

    pookie 7/29/2004 7:32:36 PM

    " I have NEVER seen a bad Wiltern Theater show, and 07-23-04 was the best one yet. The Wiltern incident was two incidents in one. This was the whole Lollapalooza tour all in one night. Let`s review the set list, there was a Restless Wind, MLT, and Birdland all in in the 1st. set. Not to forget the 2nd set gems, Little Hands, Climb, Rivertrance, and a Bigger Isn`t Better, sounds like a 1998 incident. I have seen about 30 incidents, and all the Wiltern gigs, and this may be my number one show. I will enjoy my flac copy of this memorable incident. It will be on my heavy listening rotation . Enjoy Folks ."

    Bubba 7/29/2004 12:45:38 PM

    "Best night of the tour, hands down. So much energy, focused jamming, and two encores to boot!"


    Setlist at Wiltern Theatre, Los Angeles, CA on Jul 23, 2004

    Set One

    Intro 32


    Restless Wind 470


    MLT 745


    Water 1026


    The Walls Of Time 418


    Boo Boo's Pik-A-Nik 327


    Sweet Melinda 254


    Wiltern Jam 183


    LAX Jam 121


    Birdland 179


    Flying Southwest Jam 287


    The Big Sandy River 100


    Flying Southwest Jam 187


    Birdland 204


    Set Two

    Group Hoot 91


    Dirk 655


    Little Hands 605


    Angel's Jam 571


    Climb 801


    Resume Man 496


    Big Shoes 698


    Rivertrance 333


    Percussion 347


    On The Road 320


    First Encore

    Chatter 92


    Bigger Isn't Better 641


    Rivertrance 368


    Second Encore

    Chatter 66


    Just Like Tom Thumb's Blues 402


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