Umphrey's McGee

Summer Camp

Chillicothe, IL

May 23, 2008

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About Formats

NateJ 9/15/2010 2:28:46 PM

"This should be the next show that you guys highlight. My personal favorite, it was freezing cold this night at sUMmerCamp and Umphrey's brought the heat to keep us all dancing and happy. 30 minute Utopian Fir-- Can we do that again plz? this show had an A+ setlist and quality jams the entire time. Dont forget about that Divisions>Phil's>Divisions... an early version of wappy mushed between those DBKs.. LOVE IT"

Dan 6/17/2008 12:25:23 PM

"Freak. Funk. Nasty. That is all. "

Todd 6/8/2008 10:25:28 AM

"This show was an absolute blast I must say. Imo it`s not one of the best ever by a long shot, but for closing out fri night, it was as good as it could have gotten. A few noticeable mistakes early on but other than that it was a nasty setlist, well executed jams, and a hot hot hot phil`s dance party. Overall it`s "average great" um, which still rocks but not to the extremes some people think. imo anyways. BUY IT regardless."

JacksonT 5/30/2008 9:23:56 AM

"1. This show was absolutely incredible in every aspect. Setlist, kicked ass. I didn`t catch one error druing any song (i never do bc umphrey`s is perfect haha) they were having a blast and so was the crowd, the quality was incredible just every part was awesome 2. Stop bitching if they wanna get into the electro sound they know how to mash it perfectly with their sound and they incorporate it into their songs really well think about it, it could be a hell of a lot worse, instead they rage like champs 3. Anyone bitching about a show that had Division, mulches and wappy not to mention utopian and so many other great songs needs to evaluate their fanhood 4. They fucking owned and that shine on melted my face 5. UMPHREY`S RULES!!!! Download this show immeaditly and you will not be dissapointed"

RKeelo 5/29/2008 2:33:38 PM

"First of all, this show was very good and I had a blast there. Good energy, great crowd, better venue. The only show of the weekend that was better for me was Tribe. My only thing is the techno/electronica what not. I know it is where the scene is "progressing" (I would argue that its digressing) towards, but it is not UM. They are rockers! If you listen to last years summercamp there is barely even a hint of techno, if at all. Let the robots make the techno. UM needs to stick to that soulful, smooth, funky rock and roll that only they can make. "


Setlist at Summer Camp, Chillicothe, IL on May 23, 2008

Set One

The Floor 370


Smell the Mitten 407


Search 4 524


Utopian Fir 1763


Rocker Part 2 551


Come Closer 275


Set Two

Mulche's Odyssey 669


Divisions 242


Phil's Farm 888


Divisions 1094


Der Bluten Kat 932


Wappy Sprayberry 822


Der Bluten Kat 299



Shine On You Crazy Diamond 883


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