Umphrey's McGee

The Mishawaka

Bellvue, CO

Sep 7, 2023

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About Formats
About Formats
Show Notes

JaJunk, Women Wine and Song, Hurt Bird Bath, Heart and Soul with Scotty Zwang on drums

Pure Saturation, 1348, Nothing Too Fancy, Mad Love, Hiccup with Ben Atkind on drums

When the World Is Running Down You Make the Best of What's Still Around with Ben Atkind on drums; with No Quarter (Led Zeppelin) teases

40's Theme with Ben Atkind on drums; with I Want a New Drug (Huey Lewis and the News) teases

The Silent Type with Ben Atkind on drums; with Home (The New Deal) tease

Show Notes:

entire show without Kris


Kinger 1/25/2024 7:35:13 AM

"Hiccup is a HOF worth JAM"

LysergicBrain 9/13/2023 9:28:57 AM

"Absolute jam filled rager. Jake teased Ain’t Talkin’ ‘Bout Love in Nothing Too Fancy. "

Uncle Wallysworth 9/9/2023 9:45:57 AM

"Great show. Sound is a bit thin. "

:-) 9/8/2023 2:55:53 PM

"What a treat. This venue is such an underrated lil' gem. Thanks Umph!"

DelanaKatrella 9/8/2023 1:52:32 PM

"Stasik rocking the bass for this show was so hot that half the women in the crowd are now pregnant and a quarter of the men. Sexy AF and face melting from top to bottom. "


Setlist at The Mishawaka, Bellvue, CO on Sep 7, 2023

Set One

JaJunk 865


Women Wine And Song 259


Hurt Bird Bath 981


Heart and Soul 272


Pure Saturation 1076


1348 820


Set Two

Nothing Too Fancy 1242


Mad Love 536


When the World Is Running Down You Make the Best of What's Still Around 853


Nothing Too Fancy 114


Hiccup 989


40's Theme 877



The Silent Type 609


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