Umphrey's McGee

The Signal

Chattanooga, TN

Aug 27, 2023

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About Formats
About Formats
Show Notes

Nipple TrixThe HauntBlue Echo with Jake on drums

Cemetery WalkNemo with Andy on drums

Full Frontal, with Andy on drums; with March of the Winkies (Arlen) tease

Hysteria with Andy on drums; incomplete
It's Not Your FaultThe Good Times Are Killing MeAttachmentsStaircaseAugustCemetery Walk IIAll Night Long with Ben Atkind on drums

The Triple Wide with Ben Atkind on drums; with Stairway to Heaven (Led Zeppelin) tease
Miss Tinkle's Overture with Ben Atkind on drums; "Jimmy Stewart" with vocals
I Ran,  with Ben Atkind on drums; with Stranglehold (Ted Nugent) jam

Show Notes:entire show without Kris
last Hysteria 2014-07-03 (737 shows)
with La Grange (ZZ Top) tease before It's Not Your Fault
last The Good Times Are Killing Me 2017-03-17 (474 shows)
last All Night Long 2016-02-11 (586 shows)


Ian 2/1/2024 1:18:04 PM

"Loved the It’s Not Your Fault jam! Accidentally doing the Def Leopard cover was crazy. One of my fave shows of 2023"

Breakoff some hot-wheels4doom 9/6/2023 2:37:31 PM

"I like this show"

Kevin 8/31/2023 2:31:34 PM

"Wow. I added several of these to my UM playlist. What a great show!"

KCW 8/31/2023 12:53:19 PM

"Umphreys McGee is the best band in the entire universe. Just busting out a new Lyrical Stew with a guest drummer. Sliding into the perfect amount of a Def Leppard cover almost on accident. Sounding as great as they do through most of the first set playing not just down a man, but down one of the best drummers there is in Kris Meyers?!?! What can't this band do?"

LysergicBrain 8/30/2023 8:02:00 PM

"Jake was expert level on the kit during Blue Echo! Particularly excellent version of August. I’m assuming they blew the roof off that place with the Stranglehold jam > I Ran. “Let the music take some Joel”"


Setlist at The Signal, Chattanooga, TN on Aug 27, 2023

Set One

Nipple Trix 176


The Haunt 600


Blue Echo 529


Cemetery Walk 492


Full Frontal 456


Hysteria 122


Nemo 561


It's Not Your Fault 583


The Good Times Are Killing Me 340


The Triple Wide 461


Set Two

Attachments 1044


Staircase 892


Miss Tinkle's Overture 822


August 947


I Ran 534



Cemetery Walk II 638


All Night Long 338


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