Umphrey's McGee

July 26-27

2002: Skyline Stage, Navy Pier

Jul 26, 2002

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Show Notes

July 26-27, 2002 Umphrey's McGee at Skyline Stage, Navy Pier, Chicago, IL
This video is 2 sets curated from both nights. 

Set 1:

All In Time, Utopian Fir > Pay the Snucka[1], The Fuzz[2]-> Hajimemashite > Andy's Last Beer 

Set 2:

Hurt Bird Bath > 2x2[3], The Triple Wide > 40's Theme > All In Time >  Mullet (Over)[4]


[1] part III only

[2] unfinished   

[3] with Joel solo

[4] over credits



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