The Playhouse

Fredericton, NB

Jul 13, 2006

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About Formats
Show Notes

After crossing, un-crossing, and re-crossing the Canadian border a few days earlier, Wilco undertook a week-long stay on the Great White North side of things in early July 2006.  This jaunt featured the introduction of two additional songs from the forthcoming “Sky Blue Sky” album (a third song, “Walken,” had already been in the repertoire for over a year), as well as a(nother) new arrangement of Spiders (Kidsmoke).  

This particular show from The Playhouse features an excellent recording of the band in typical white-hot mid-tour form.  Beginning with what is surely one of their most evocative opening songs, “Hell Is Chrome” forces those who just want to let their rocks roll to sit/stand at rapt attention.  Four songs in, we get a first glimpse at “Sky Blue Sky” in the form of “What Light”, featuring some intro and first verse guitar flourishes from Nels Cline that would later be excised from the live arrangement.  The biggest highlight comes a few songs later: the first (and one of the few) live performances of the unreleased (until now!) “Let’s Fight”.   This rarity was first attempted during the “A Ghost Is Born” sessions, and then re-attempted, but never completed, during the recording of “Sky Blue Sky”.  This is followed by the aforementioned “Spiders”, with its new ending whereby the band fades down to the sole sound of Glenn’s bass drum, only to then abruptly silence that and leave the audience to (hopefully) keep time via handclaps.  Future versions of this arrangement gave the audience sufficient time and rope to figuratively hang themselves (it’s hard to clap in time at a rock show), but this one keeps things short and crisp before the final instrumental chorus comes crashing through.

Other standouts include a very rocking “A Shot in The Arm” and a beautiful extended (albeit slightly undermixed) solo from Mr. Cline on “Ashes of American Flags”.  

– Marc Prizer



Setlist at The Playhouse, Fredericton, NB on Jul 13, 2006

Set One

Hell Is Chrome 316


  • $0.99
Handshake Drugs 377


  • $0.99
Muzzle Of Bees 302


  • $0.99
What Light 171


  • $0.99
I Am Trying To Break Your Heart 378


  • $0.99
A Shot In The Arm 284


  • $0.99
Radio Cure 308


  • $0.99
Let's Fight 268


  • $0.99
Spiders (Kidsmoke) 624


  • $0.99
Jesus, Etc. 274


  • $0.99
At Least Thats What You Said 347


  • $0.99
The Late Greats 181


  • $0.99
Walken 283


  • $0.99
Theologians 201


  • $0.99
Im The Man Who Loves You 392


  • $0.99
Hummingbird 263


  • $0.99
Heavy Metal Drummer 219


  • $0.99
Airline To Heaven 338


  • $0.99
Forget The Flowers 226


  • $0.99
Kingpin 523


  • $0.99
Ashes Of American Flags 364


  • $0.99
War On War 366


  • $0.99

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