Counting Crows

Civic Hall

Wolverhampton, UK

Nov 14, 1994

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About Formats
About Formats
Show Notes

1994-11-14 Civic Hall, Wolverhampton, UK

Children In Bloom
Rain King
Anna Begins
Jumping Jesus
Time And Time Again
Perfect Blue Buildings -> Sometimes It Snows in April
Round Here
Sullivan Street

Mr. Jones (acoustic)
A Murder Of One -> Take Me Down to The Infirmary -> Rocks Off

2nd Encore:
Maggie May


Rachel 6/12/2015 8:35:33 AM

"I First saw the Counting crows at Wolverhampton in 1994, ive been to many more crows gigs since, I saw them they played the nia in 2009 and every time I see them they get better and better. I have been to see them play every time they've visited in the past three years but Wolverhampton 2015 is the best crows gig I've ever been to. There was the usual hits such as my favourite round here - I love the different versions of this song over the years. They played Mr Jones, rain king, long December and then a blast from hard candy mixed in with songs from somewhere under wonderland - finishing off with another one of my favs holiday in Spain. Adam Duritz always interacts with the crowd as if he knows us, at one point after talking to us he's was laughing and had to restart his song, he kept asking us if we had any questions just messing around - I have so many, I find him fascinating he is so talented. Adam and the guys seemed relaxed and as though they were having fun with us and really enjoyed this gig as much as we the crowd did. I attended the meet and greet with my daughter, the band feel like they're old friends. I can't wait to see them again. Great gigs guys Come back soon Love you Duritz"

henk 4/25/2009 10:42:33 AM

"very good show , I'm pleased with jumping jesus and wiseblood. I bought the download , please hurry with the covers."

Andy M 4/24/2009 1:22:45 AM

"what an excellent choice , great sounding show from start to finish , so nice to get a show from England and i am looking forward to the upcoming European tour dates in May being available for sale ."


Setlist at Civic Hall, Wolverhampton, UK on Nov 14, 1994

Set One

Children In Bloom 321


Rain King 269


Anna Begins 341


Jumping Jesus 188


Time And Time Again 439


Margery Dreams Of Horses 359


Perfect Blue Buildings 347


Omaha 255


Wiseblood 265


Round Here 493


Sullivan Street 310


First Encore

Mr. Jones 337


A Murder Of One 506


Second Encore

Maggie May 354


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