Counting Crows

DTE Energy center

Detroit, MI

Aug 29, 2008

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About Formats
About Formats

KT 10/4/2008 6:29:47 PM

"I have to say that I was TRUELY disappointed that CC was NOT the headlining band. I paid to see them, one of my top faves and got Maroon5 instead. Not to put them down, they played well and as Adam said they really play their music and didn't lipsync. However unfortunitly bad directions mapquest and laborday traffic, we missed all but two songs of the Crows, thinking there was no way we were just missing the opening acts, but alas CC was part of that opening act, not what I bought tickets for!! I thought that the show was to see Counting Crows and it was a bonus to see Maroon 5 too. Would not have bought tickets to see Maroon 5 alone. Was terribly sad to miss out on one of the best bands, no matter what songs they play!"

Jon 9/12/2008 8:57:22 AM

"I have been fortunate enough to see every CC Show that comes to MI and I would have to say that I felt a little jipped on this one. The band was amazing and Adam was at the top of his game! I however drove for 6hrs to watch a 70min show and then tried to stick around for M5, but it felt like a Back Street Boys Concert. 2000 screaming 14yr old girls grated me to no end. I love CC and I will never miss a show, it just seemed like the show missed a little."

Mike 9/10/2008 4:46:20 PM

"I have seen a large number of CC shows but have to admit this one wasn't one of the greatest. High points include the fact that it was mostly acoustic and Adam himself seemed in a jovial mood. However, the Crows opened for Maroon 5 and when Adam took the stage, he kind of seemed confused about it himself. For me, I was looking forward to some of the new music but the only new song played was Washington Square. Everything else was early stuff from AAEA and AOTS. So, it turned the Crows into a true convential warm up act. They played the songs that everyone in there would have heard on the radio. Seemed like a sell-out show. But Anyway. All in all, an OK show but the energy and enthusiasm seemed to be missing. "


Setlist at DTE Energy center, Detroit, MI on Aug 29, 2008

Set One

Intro 71


Goodnight LA 250


Mr. Jones 310


Richard Manuel Is Dead 328


Washington Square 281


Friend Of The Devil 276


Omaha 236


Mercury 477


Miami 466


A Long December 389


Hanginaround 359



Community Outreach Program 186


Rain King Intro 63


Rain King 391


outro 102


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