Counting Crows

Fiddler's Green

Denver, CO

Sep 24, 2008

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About Formats

I am not alone... 10/11/2008 4:53:34 PM

"What an amazing show! When Adam announced that two members would be missing due to baby's on the way, I was worried the show might suffer. But, my worries were soon put to rest as the show began and Augustana joined the boys onstage and put on when of the best Crow shows I've seen. As usual, they didn't dissapoint with changing songs and sounds in a way that make you hear and feel a song differently then you may have ever before. At one point there were so many people on the stage jamming and feeling the moment I was simply in a trance watching it all and taking it all in. This concert was one of those rare shows where something unexpected, in this case two missing crows, turned into something wonderful, unique and special. Adam sounded great and seemed to be enjoying the "circus" as you put it. Of course, the venue curfew made the show seem shorter than it should, but Adam was great by not taking any time off between songs and story telling so we were able to hear them without the usual break. Thank again for a great show CC...see ya next time!"

GeminiFaerie 10/3/2008 6:21:05 PM

"This was an amazing concert! Augustana worked wonderfully with Counting Crows. Next tour it should be the two of them! With the lack of 2 band members from Counting Crows and Augustana filling in at the last minute, it was flawless. I only wished for a longer concert. I will cherish the memories forever! :D"

Freshy 10/3/2008 5:41:24 PM

"The Counting Crows are one of the few groups to play from the heart and they never cease to amaze me. Augustana were tremendous. You can really hear the blended influences between these two groups, but then again, as Adam mentioned at the show, they all grew up together and probably shared many common experiences. Watching the guitar interplay between Dan, Imme and Chris was totally thrilling. The way that Dan plays is probably one of my favorite styles. I too play lead guitar, and I have copped quite a few licks from Dan. Always so tasty and never a wasted note. Imme is the rocker as far as I can tell. His style is stinging with a fiery delivery. The drummer, Jim, I think, was so tight. Dan, the singer with Augustana blended in such a fine, harmonic fashion with Adam that it was truly a sweet vocal delivery. There were times when 6-8 people were singing, and the sound was like trumpets from heaven. The man who filled in for Charlie, Dan I think his name was, was excellent. This guy really knew the boards and was consistently flavorful in his fills and techniques. Adam was having a great time, as the "musical circus" kept the Big Top moving and grooving! Thanks so much for a fantastic concert and another sweet edition to my "memory library". And Dan, thanks for some more great licks. It's like going to a lesson and drinking up the goodness of pure rock n' roll/country."

Max 10/3/2008 4:28:00 PM

"This show was great! Augustana was amazing with the remaining members of counting crows. I wish they could have played longer."

Time is numbers with meanings 9/30/2008 8:08:20 PM

"One of the best CC shows I have seen. Augustana filled in perfectly and added a lot of verity to the show. Just wish there wasn't a 10:30 curfew, the band really needed to play longer. Still a great show, can't wait for the next one."


Setlist at Fiddler's Green, Denver, CO on Sep 24, 2008

Set One

Intro 97


Caravan 344


A Long December 474


Hanging Tree 235


Black and Blue 355


Washington Square 251


Miami 487


A Murder Of One 594


When I Dream Of Michelangelo 229


Come Around 244


Hanginaround 417


Cecilia 251


Rain King 527


outro 47


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