Counting Crows

Ford Amphitheater

Tampa, FL

Oct 3, 2008

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About Formats
About Formats

Michael 10/17/2008 5:08:08 PM

"I bought my tickets on the auction.. First row seats... My second Crows show.... It was worth every penny... I want to go see them 10/27-10-30.. in NJ.... Can not wait for their return!"

Jay N. 10/12/2008 2:55:31 PM

"My 18 year old daughter and I sat seventh row center for this show. It was her second CC show and my fourth. The Counting Crows set was more like a party than a concert. Augustana and even the Bryan brothers (US Open tennis doubles champs who live in Tampa) were on stage playing at various times during the night. Everyone seemed to be having a blast and the band's energy was incredible. Highlights were the first ever performance of Why Should You Come When I Call, Cecilia, and a fabulous Rain King with Augustana's A Capella intro. Thanks to Adam & the remaining Crows for supplying a great daddy/daughter bonding moment (she'll be leaving for college soon). We both share our love for The Counting Crows and the download is a great souvenir of the concert (got her the T shirt too!)"

Joy 10/10/2008 12:28:04 PM

"I was at this show and it was awesome!! I was so glad that Counting Crows got to close but I think there was a noise ordinance because they ended prompted at 11. It was GREAT! I did not get there in time for the opening act (Augustana) but they played a little a bit with Counting Crows and they are really good as well. GREAT SHOW!"


Setlist at Ford Amphitheater, Tampa, FL on Oct 3, 2008

Set One

Intro 284


  • $0.99
Caravan 387


  • $0.99
Why Should You Come When I Call 262


  • $0.99
Hard Candy 305


  • $0.99
Mr. Jones 372


  • $0.99
Good Time 285


  • $0.99
Come Around 249


  • $0.99
Catapult 227


  • $0.99
A Long December 393


  • $0.99
Hanginaround 405


  • $0.99
Cecilia 213


  • $0.99
Rain King 740



Community Outreach Program 269


  • $0.99
Holiday In Spain 222


  • $0.99
outro 69


  • $0.99

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