Frank Zappa

Beat The Boots III: Disc Three

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About Formats
About Formats
Show Notes

The World's Greatest Sinner (11:58) – original soundtrack, November-December, 1961

Spontaneous Minimalist Composition (2:00) – Berkeley, CA, June 16, 1984

Sinister Footwear (26:08) – Berkeley, CA, June 16, 1984

The Black Page (2:05) – Keyboard Magazine, Soundpage #29, February 1987

Pedro's Dowry (8:27) – Berkeley, CA, June 16, 1984

None of the Above (6:29) – The Kronos Quartet, Los Angeles, CA, April 19, 1985

Original bootleg appearances: tracks 1-4 from Apocrypha, track 5 from Return of the Son of Serious Music, track 6 from Randomonium.



The World's Greatest Sinner 719


Spontaneous Minimalist Composition 121


Sinister Footwear 1568


The Black Page 125


Pedros Dowry 508


None Of The Above 389


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