Frank Zappa

Finer Moments

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Show Notes

Produced/Composed/Constructed by Frank Zappa

Welcome. What we have here is a Welcome Mat. This special invitation comes with a bit of flooring – over by the chrome dinette. So what we got is some linoleum (and later some vinyl) which we are recycling right here on the floor. Yes. Too late to be wanting any more. We will just have to be satisfied with this dense if not entirely ecumenical patina which has existed for years; nothing has changed. This is somewhat about flooring and the navigation thereof. FZ definitely wheelin’ & dealin’ in his wheelchair rigged to support an epic plaster cast with a bit of sinister footwear strapped to a modified stirrup – this was the condition the condition was in when he worked up Just Another Band From L.A.Waka/JawakaGRAND WAZOO and Density of the Fourth Patina (if you’re counting) is/was Hunchentoot. Who knew? And these Finer Moments. You will not see/hear their like again in this dimension. Lucky for us all that FZ captured them in the camera of his mind, and in camera in the Vault.



Intro 80


Sleazette 213


Mozart Piano Sonata In Bb 382


The Walking Zombie Music 203


The Old Curiosity Shoppe 428


You Never Know Who Your Friends Are 141


Uncle Rhebus 1066


Music From The Big Squeeze 42


Enigmas 1 Thru 5 496


Pumped and Waxed 259


There Is No Heaven From Where Slogans Go To Die 277


Squeeze It, Squeeze It, Squeeze It 197


The Subcutaneous Peril 1181


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