Frank Zappa

Ship Arriving Too Late To Save A Drowning Witch

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Show Notes
Music Performed by:
Frank Zappa / Lead Guitar, Vocals
Steve Vai / Impossible Guitar Parts
Ray White / Rhythm Guitar, Vocals
Tommy Mars / Keyboards
Bobby Martin / Keyboards, Sax & Vocals
Ed Mann / Percussion
Scott Thunes / Bass*
Arthur Barrow / Bass*
Patrick O’Hearn / Bass*
Chad Wackerman / Drums
Roy Estrada / Vocals
Ike Willis / Vocals
Bob Harris / Vocals
Lisa Popeil / Vocal on “Teen-age Prostitute”
Moon Zappa / Vocal on “Valley Girl”*
Scott Thunes plays on “Drowning Witch”/“Envelopes”/“Teen-age Prostitute” and “Valley Girl.” 
Arthur Barrow plays on “No Not Now”and the first part of “I Come From Nowhere.” 
Patrick O’Hearn plays on the guitar solo in “I Come From Nowhere.”
Frank Zappa / Producer
UMRK Mobile & UMRK / Recording
Bob Stone / Digital Remastering 1991
Bob Stone & Stephen Marcussen / Digital EQ at Precision Mastering
John Vince / Graphics
Roger Price / Cover Illustration
From DROODLES Published by Price/Stern/Sloan Publishers Inc., Los Angeles, CA ©1953, renewed 1981 by Roger Price
John Livzey / Original Photo 1982
Mollye Moore / 1991 Photos
Gail Zappa / Art Direction 1991
“The present-day composer refuses to die.” -Edgard Varèse
All Selections Composed, Arranged & Produced by Frank Zappa


No Not Now 351


Valley Girl 291


I Come From Nowhere 370


Drowning Witch 724


Envelopes 166


Teen-age Prostitute 163


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