Joy Theater

New Orleans, LA

Oct 7, 2022

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About Formats
About Formats
Show Notes

Set 1: Tumble {1}, California Magic, Indian River {2}, Bob Don {3}, Look Out Cleveland {4} > Turbulence & The Night Rays

Set 2: Flodown {5}, Into The Myst {6} > Pancakes {6} > Dr. Darkness, Madhuvan 

Encore: What’s Up? {7}

Coach’s Notes:

{1} Slow / Fast Tumble hybrid, started slow, finished fast

{2} 80s synth version

{3} With outro jam

{4} The Band

{5} The band walked in from a side door into the pit with cupcakes and sang happy birthday to Tamara and Merin, then walked onto the stage.

{6} Unfinished

{7} 4 Non Blondes, LTP 6.27.20 (125 shows)

Dini came out for the first set wearing the Golden Glizzy Hat


Big Pussy 11/3/2022 4:43:31 PM

"This show is one of the all-around best I’ve heard in a minute from these guys. I would say it rivals Kansas City, Nov 2021. Tumble, Indian, Turbulence, Pancakes, Mudhaven all throw down super hard. "

Jordan F 10/12/2022 6:23:30 PM

"Wow!! Tumble Transition is so smooth. "

ChrisP. 10/12/2022 4:45:46 PM

"That What’s Up cover goes hard and Peter feeling it too "

Dr. Quacker 10/11/2022 6:28:06 AM

"They find such a smooth and catchy theme at the end of Pancakes, great example of a jam not ending in soaring peaks. So dope. Honk honk!"

Whodatphan 10/9/2022 9:39:50 PM

"That clavinet needs to be blessed by a priest after that lookout Cleveland jam "


Setlist at Joy Theater, New Orleans, LA on Oct 7, 2022

Set One

Tumble 1033


California Magic 551


Indian River 528


Bob Don 723


Look Out Cleveland 690


Turbulence & The Night Rays 586


Set Two

Flodown 721


Into the Myst 459


Pancakes 1198


Dr. Darkness 439


Madhuvan 1738



What's Up? 456


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