Madison Live

Covington, KY

Dec 14, 2018

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About Formats
About Formats
Show Notes

Set: Jive II > Jive Lee > Creatures > Yeti# > Pumped Up Kicks+, Hot Tea^ 

Coach’s Notes: 

Kurt said to the crowd “Feels good to be home”. 

# Harpua Teases by Peter 

+ Foster The People cover 

^ With very special guest Mike Gantzer on guitar. 

• Tony the chipmunk loves Covington so much that he came out & sat on Kurt’s Amp. This was the band's 7th time playing in Covington in 2018. Thanks very much to all the loyal Goose fans, especially the Flavortown Crew & Reed for coming to every show in town this year!! 

Show Start Time: 9:00 - End time:10:00 

Sound Check: Butter Rum, Madhuvan, Jive II

Cover Art Design by Peter Anspach

Photo by Adam Berta



Setlist at Madison Live, Covington, KY on Dec 14, 2018

Set One

Jive II 552


Jive Lee 524


Creatures 641


Yeti 758


Pumped Up Kicks 186


Banter 66


Hot Tea 691


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