Miller High Life Theatre

Milwaukee, WI

Sep 17, 2023

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About Formats
Show Notes

 All I Need - Slow, melodic version. With Secret Agent Man tease from Rick and Peter.

Into The Myst - Unfinished.

Echo of a Rose - Fast version. Unfinished.

Take On Me - A-ha.


Jrosh 9/22/2023 9:01:20 AM

"Definitely superior to the Detroit show the previous night .... KILLER Echo and Doobie Song. Take on me cover was Lit AF."

sumdumname 9/20/2023 4:30:46 PM

"Best goose show ever"

dearchris 9/20/2023 3:38:40 PM

"First time playing in Milwaukee?….definitely left ‘em wanting more! This show is likely to be overshadowed by Detroit the night before (which is a monster!!) but for my money I like this one more. It’s all good, but Elizabeth, All I Need and So Ready are the super highlights of set 1. Then set 2…. It’s like a perfectly curated playlist flowing from song to song with ebbs and flows from intense to lighthearted, and back again. Myst > Echo > Take on Me is just a seamless thing of beauty. The peaks Peter is hitting on the keys before Take on Me is incredible. The solo in Bob Don from 3:30-5:30 is like the most perfectly contained explosion of a guitar solo. Doobie song was a great comedown song before Tumble to finish the set as the perfect cap. “Maybe there’s no bad luck, you gotta go down if you want to get back up, it’ll all come around someday”. Five star show!"

Bryon 9/19/2023 8:41:12 PM

"4th Goose show for me. Absolutely outstanding. 1st set I thought was out of this world. What a phenomenal show and what a cool venue all around. It was a maze of fun times. Love you Milwaukee!! Can’t believe it was there first time in there. Hopefully not the last. "

Jambandad 9/19/2023 6:24:23 PM

"Yeah, fantastic set list. Seekers and Myst are always highlights for me. Bob Don got me in the feels big time."


Setlist at Miller High Life Theatre, Milwaukee, WI on Sep 17, 2023

Set One

Jive I 722


Elizabeth 754


Not Alone 415


All I Need 1114


Seekers On The Ridge pt. I 384


Seekers On The Ridge pt. II 326


So Ready 898


Set Two

Into the Myst 993


Echo of a Rose 733


Take On Me 450


Bob Don 464


Doobie Song 490


Tumble 1256



White Lights 500


Loose Ends 236


White Lights 103


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