Squeaky Feet

Nashville North

Milwaukee, WI

Mar 21, 2024

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About Formats
About Formats
Show Notes

Home Cookin': First time played - original

Audio by Ben Gartenstein


Squeakin 3/31/2024 6:32:03 AM

"No one wants to talk about how SF probably does jazz better than anyone in the scene. I'll take a slower song like home cookin' with that soulful jazz sound over a slow bliss song ANY day."

Spencer 3/25/2024 6:38:18 PM

"Great stuff here. Favorite jam is in Lucky # starting at the 17 min mark. Felt like our own private show. Catch these guys in small bars while you still can, won’t be for long, "

SchladopianFir 3/23/2024 3:54:31 PM

"Lucky Number is quite the adventure. "


Setlist at Nashville North, Milwaukee, WI on Mar 21, 2024

Set One

Tunnel Vision 1978


Pull The Lever 982


Home Cookin' 175


Pull The Lever 199


Come Back 1679


Set Two

Premonition 1961


Lucky Number 1984



Generica 285


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