Squeaky Feet

The One Stop

Asheville, NC

Jun 2, 2023

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About Formats
About Formats
Show Notes
Audio by Ben Gartenstein

Still squeakin 8/30/2023 7:50:22 AM

"Top 5 easily, maybe top 3 SF shows. Keep coming back to this one. "

i-mang 6/18/2023 6:37:13 PM

"SF are the real deal. Relentlessly tight and engaging compositions, and boundary-pushing, "jump off the deep end" improv. These guys have an uncanny ability to quickly find a theme in their jams and develop them to their full potential, super patient stuff. It felt incredibly special to witness a show like this in such a small venue. I hope yall make it back to AVL soon!"

Come squeak again soon in chicago please 6/7/2023 2:54:34 PM

"I mean a 46 minute song is the obvious highlight but come back and wanderer are both absolute gas"

Squeakin 6/7/2023 2:20:40 PM

"Every show, the boys are like, "you thought the last one was good? Holy my mf beer" holy shit"


Setlist at The One Stop, Asheville, NC on Jun 2, 2023

Set One

Chromatose 207


Tooth and Nail 527


Wanderer 1458


Robot Run 1721


Wanderer 186


Set Two

Premonition 2777


Come Back 2181


Outer Ring 542


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