Squeaky Feet

Soundcheck Studios

Pembroke, MA

Nov 4, 2023

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About Formats
About Formats
Show Notes
Opening set for Magic Beans
Show played on backlined equipment

Audio by Ben Gartenstein

I-Mang 11/24/2023 5:53:15 PM

"Hell yeah, jammed out Chroma (this'll mean something in like 10 years)"

Squeakin 11/9/2023 6:47:58 AM

"Another fantastic premonition. Great display of range from the band"

Leif 11/8/2023 3:41:39 PM

"The opener Premonition is an absolute face melter! These guys have it all, really been dialing it in lately. Cheers to you Squeaky Feet! See you all in Michigan!"


Setlist at Soundcheck Studios, Pembroke, MA on Nov 4, 2023

Set One

Premonition 1530


Raindrops 1775


Premonition 334


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