Railroad Earth

Cervantes' Masterpiece Ballroom

Denver, CO

Jul 6, 2006

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About Formats
About Formats

JB@reggae.com 11/24/2006 5:38:51 PM

"Todd Sheaffer and crew just keep delivering better and better performances! Each of the three shows available so far at livedownloads.com captures a different vibe - these guys really draw energy from the crowd and reflect it in their performances. This show has the highest energy of the releases to date and the sound quality is really good - you can hear the twang of the strings and Tim Carbone(violin), Andy Goessling and John Skehan (assorted stringed instruments) have some of the best jammin yet - and that`s saying a lot since they are always rockin. Carey Harmon on percussion and Johnny Grubb on bass anchor the band and keep the train roaring down the trackes. Todd Shaeffer`s songs, singing and his performance on lead guitar bring joy to the soul and if you are feeling down or just want to give your Spirit some fun, just crank up this show and it will be like springtime after a long dreary winter. As to SB`s, (mentioned in other review) the band has allowed many that you can find at archive.org but you are not going to find a better show than this one! Keep up the great work guys - the positivibes you are sending out are a blessing to the world!"

J Trach 11/23/2006 6:21:31 PM

"These guy`s always play so well in this room. Super energy at this show and you can totally tell in this recording, thanks Railroad Earth. Still wish you all allowed SBD recording."


Setlist at Cervantes' Masterpiece Ballroom, Denver, CO on Jul 6, 2006

Set One

Elko 550


420 Hornpipe 277


Bird In A House 470


Buda 896


Peace On Earth 296


Mighty River 528


Crossing the Gap 279


Set Two

Old Dangerfield 426


Head 973


For Love 617


Railroad Earth 382


Dance Around Molly 170


Dandelion Wine 401


Seven Story Mountain 1015


Colorado 611



Mission Man 708


WFQS 249


Reubin's Train 458


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