Steve Kimock

Gathering of the Vibes

Bridgeport, CT

Jul 27, 2013

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About Formats
About Formats
Show Notes
  • 54-46 (Was My Number) through Take Me To The River with Bill Evans

  • You're The One with George Porter Jr on bass
  • Artists:
    Steve Kimock – Guitars
    Bernie Worrell – Keyboards
    John Morgan Kimock – Drums
    Andy Hess – Electric Bass Guitar
    Camille Armstrong – Vocals / Percussions
  • Recorded by Ron Keyser:  B&K4021's On Stage with a
    FOH SBD return feed from Brian Abramson > Sound Devices 744T 24 Bit / 48kHz
  • Special thanks to the house sound guy, Paul,  for helping with the return feed.
    And Thanks to Kerry Barbato for the photo!

Randall 8/14/2013 7:16:21 PM

"Sorry, Steve. Many of us wish you the best but you are in a musical tailspin. The shows from the last year or two are severely lacking in creativity and smack of resting on one's laurels. Please snap out of it and rediscover your muse. You are capable of doing so much better."


Setlist at Gathering of the Vibes, Bridgeport, CT on Jul 27, 2013

Set One

Intro 22


  • $0.99
A New Africa 531


  • $0.99
Five B4 Funk 584


  • $0.99
54-46 (Was My Number) 686


  • $0.99
Come Together 716


  • $0.99
You're The One 660


  • $0.99
Sing A Simple Song 579


  • $0.99
Take Me To The River 575


  • $0.99
Outro 27


  • $0.99

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