Steve Kimock

Sullivan Hall

New York, NY

Mar 23, 2011

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About Formats
About Formats
Show Notes
  • Steve Kimock NYC Residency
  • Line Up:
    Steve Kimock - Electric Guitar
    Henry Butler - Keyboard
    Andy Hess - Electric Bass Guitar
    John Morgan Kimock - Drums
    Donna Jean Godchaux
    Marc Muller
    Chris Burger
  • recorded by Ron Keyser 
  • Source Info:
    AMS ST250 blumlein on stage into the AMS contol box + SBD FOH return feed from Sullivan Hall's house engineers> Sound Devices 744T mastered at 24 Bit/48 kHz

chaka 4/1/2011 8:56:16 PM

"a taste..."

mamaluma 4/1/2011 8:40:05 PM

"Oh yeah, ever wonder what Steve Kimock and Kieth Jarrett would sound like together?? Check out the It's Up to You from this show. Freaking unbelievable creativity flowing this night in the freezing cold. Henry Butler is pushing and prodding Steve all night long and the results are spine tingling! After Crazy Fingers someone (maybe Steve) yells out "he's a fearless improviser" I could not agree more. Henry Butler on the keys is like no other keyboardist Steve has ever played with, jumping from hard bop to new orleans strut, to funk, to abstract rhythmic ideas all over the freaking place. Now take into consideration that Henry is blind and is playing by EAR, no visual cues from the band, or from Steve. This is music deeeeply from the heart and it is such a joy to hear in this crystaline form. Thank you for sharing and thank you for getting together and creating this wonderful music!"

milesoleo 4/1/2011 11:26:43 AM

"WOWOWOW!! This is a special Kimock show. I was not there and have only listened to the recording (which sounds great btw!) This show is just bubbling with that special creative energy that sometimes bless Steve's shows when he is inspired by the music & musicians and is in a room that is listening and into it. The interplay between Henry Butler and Steve is so unique & so spontaneous. Just jab for jab & toe to toe all night long! John Morgan is deep back in the pocket for this show playing subtle grooves and changes and meshing perfectly with the dynamics of the band. When you tune into Andy Hess he is is right there propelling the groove & getting deep down into the melodies, plus what a great bass tone mmmm. Donna Jean wailed more this night than I have heard her with Zero the last few years passionate singing, really growling and even throwing in a little vocal improv in places. She was feeling it & she sounded fantastic! The entire night was is a highlight & well worth the $ to download. Listen to that Henry Butler solo in Nana's or the sublime jam at the end of Crazy Fingers :) :) :) Scarlet > Eyes > Franklins is done so tastefully & creatively it is not a letdown at all and I usually do not care for anything but the "original" :) 2nd set is just as good with more room for interaction and solos. Just get it, It's spring time music at its best! Cheers "


Setlist at Sullivan Hall, New York, NY on Mar 23, 2011

Set One

Intro 34


Nana's Chalk Pipe 813


Watch The River Flow 615


  • $0.99
Crazy Fingers 1378


Scarlet Begonias 816


Eyes of the World 774


Franklin's Tower 863


band introductions 66


  • $0.99

Set Two

Intro 59


Thing One 1448


All Go Together 932


Something You Got 585


  • $0.99
It's Up To You 1505


band introductions 69


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