Steve Kimock

Sullivan Hall

New York, NY

Apr 6, 2011

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About Formats
About Formats
Show Notes
  •  Steve Kimock NYC Residency


  • Line up:

Steve Kimock- Electric Guitar 

Pete Sears- Keyboard

Andy Hess- Electric Bass

John Molo- Drums


  • Recorded by Ron Keyser


  • Source Info: AMS ST250 blumlein on stage into the AMS control box + SBD FOH return feed from Tim Stiegler > Sound Devices 744T mastered at 24 Bit/ 48 kHz Mixed/Converted/ Flac'd 


Setlist at Sullivan Hall, New York, NY on Apr 6, 2011

Set One

You're The One 1098


Nana's Chalk Pipe 689


  • $0.99
Many Rivers To Cross 1096


Baby Baby 1038


Set Two

Tangled Hangers 1032


Tongue N' Groove 925


Golden Road 964


Slow Down 642


  • $0.99

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