Nocturnal Wonderland

Rockdale, TX

Apr 28, 2012

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About Formats
About Formats

OldmanK 5/15/2012 8:12:06 PM

"Me again. After an email to Livedownloads, they posted the correct master files and every thing is ok with the download. The only thing now that bothers me is once they confirmed they didn't have the correct files, Livedownloads still kept the bad files up on their website until they had the good ones ready to post. "

hoody 5/15/2012 3:59:21 PM

"I'm with OldManK on this! I myself have had issues with some of your downloads missing songs or, even, not being able to download purchases at all! Please, in the future, be adherent and stringent to providing accurate information and attentive, expeditious service to your customers. We are, afterall, what keeps your site growing and prospering. "

OldmanK 5/13/2012 4:16:24 PM

"WHY ARE THESE SONGS CUT OFF? I DOWNLOADED THIS SHOW EXPECTING THE ENTIRE SHOW BUT MOST OF THE LONG SONGS ARE EDITED BY 2 TO 5 MINUTES. I DIDN'T REALIZE THIS UNTIL I LISTENED TO IT. IF YOU GUYS ARE GOING TO SELL "HIGHLIGHTS" THEN TELL US. LIVE DOWNLOADS DL V. 1320 RECORDS DOWNLOAD (STS9's Website) When the Dust Settles 5:35 - should be 8:39 Vapors 4:43 - should be 6:20 20-12 4:50 - should be 8:20 Instantly 4:47 - should be 6:42 Abcees 4:36 - should be 6:29 Unquestionable Supremacy 4:11 - should be 9:13!! MOD 4:56 - should be 5:37 Arigato 4:34 - should be 8:01 March 4:07 - should be 7:10 Scheme 3:33 - should be 6:27 THIS IS OVER 27 MINUTES OF MISSING MUSIC. COMPLETELY UNACCEPTABLE!!"


Setlist at Nocturnal Wonderland, Rockdale, TX on Apr 28, 2012

Set One

Nocturnal Earth Zoom 107


NIN 156


Tooth 294


When The Dust Settles 519


Vapors 380


20-12 488


Instantly 402


Abcees 389


The Unquestionable Supremacy of Nature 553


MOD 337


Arigato 481


March 430


Scheme 387


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