Umphrey's McGee

Riverview Music Festival

Chicago, IL

Aug 26, 2007

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About Formats
About Formats
Show Notes
  • Walking On The Moon with Willie Waldman on trumpet.
  • Reviews

    handsome pete 8/3/2008 9:15:25 AM

    "In the Kitchen, In the Kitchen, In the Kitchen. 17 minutes of face-melting bliss. wasn't at this show but In the Kitchen, In the Kitchen, In the Kitchen. For Phuk's sake people, if you like "jams" this is some great stuff"

    Duncan 9/27/2007 12:30:04 PM

    "In The Kitchen - this version is the best single-track money you could spend on this site, imo. That first set is just ridiculous, whole show`s tops in my book."

    umphreakfan 9/6/2007 12:35:48 PM

    "Atmosfarag>PHILS FARM> Walking on the moon HOLY SHIT AMAZING. ive seen at least 25 shows and this IN THE KITCHEN JAM was SICK SICK SICK SICKest ive ever heard. "

    Big J 9/2/2007 8:44:24 PM

    "This is an incredible hometown umph show! Between the crazy ass solo in the first slice of the bridgeless sammy to the fancy tease before I Ran, this show was really sweet. PS - the Riverview fest is one to definately look into!"

    bisco2 8/30/2007 12:09:16 PM

    "this show blows away Milwaukee noob. Sick sick show, get it now!"


    Setlist at Riverview Music Festival, Chicago, IL on Aug 26, 2007

    Set One

    Dump City 708


    • $0.99
    40's Theme 625


    • $0.99
    Atmosfarag 319


    • $0.99
    Phil's Farm 529


    • $0.99
    Walking On The Moon 429


    • $0.99
    Front Porch 1086


    • $1.29

    Set Two

    Bridgeless 786


    • $1.29
    2x2 814


    • $1.29
    Padgett's Profile 774


    • $1.29
    White Man's Moccasins 488


    • $0.99
    I Ran 274


    • $0.99
    Bridgeless 608


    • $0.99


    In The Kitchen 1027


    • $1.29

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