Grateful Dead

Grateful Dead Download Series : Family Dog at The Great Highway

San Francisco, CA

Feb 4, 1970

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About Formats
Show Notes

Grateful Dead 2/4/70: Family Dog at The Great Highway, San Francisco, CA

Perhaps you've seen a grainy bootleg VHS tape of the three songs from that show broadcast on PBS, but Jeffrey Norman has mixed the entire 50+ minute set from the original 16 track analog tapes, including the closing jam of "St. Stephen > Not Fade Away > St. Stpehen > Midnight Hour," along with a poignant "Black Peter," "Me and My Uncle," and the "Hard To Handle" and "China > Rider" from the PBS broadcast.

It has never sounded so good. And, because we have some stray pieces of music in the vault on 16 track tape, we have also included the monster "Dancing In The Streets" from 10/5/70 and the meaty "Good Lovin'" from 12/31/70 to round out this wonderful CD of music from the under-represented year of 1970.

  • Dancing in the Streets from 10/5/70 Winterland
  • Monkey and the Engineer and Good Lovin' from 12/31/70 Winterland


  • Jerry Garcia - lead guitar, vocals
  • Mickey Hart - drums
  • Bill Kreutzmann - drums
  • Phil Lesh - electric bass, vocals
  • Ron "Pigpen" McKernan - organ, harmonica, vocals
  • Bob Weir - rhythm guitar, vocals


  • Mastering - Jeffrey Norman


Setlist at Grateful Dead Download Series : Family Dog at The Great Highway, San Francisco, CA on Feb 4, 1970

Set One

Hard To Handle 404


Black Peter 573


Me & My Uncle 209


China Cat Sunflower 305


I Know You Rider 293


Set Two

St. Stephen 139


Not Fade Away 419


St. Stephen 143


In the Midnight Hour 496



Dancin' In The Streets 735


Monkey And The Engineer 166


Good Lovin' 908


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