Grateful Dead

Road Trips Vol 1

No 3: Yale Bowl, New Haven

Jul 31, 1971

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Show Notes
  • Grateful Dead Complete Road Trips
    Available as part of the Complete Road Trips
  • Road Trips Vol. 1, No. 3 - Summer 1971
  • Big Railroad Blues through Johnny B. Goode from 7/31/1971 New Haven, CT
  • China Cat Sunflower through Sugar Magnolia from 8/23/1971 Chicago, IL
  • Bertha through Hard To Handle from 8/6/1971 Hollywood, CA
  • Sing Me Back Home and Big Boss Man from 7/31/1971 New Haven, CT
  • Not Fade Away through Turn On Your Lovelight from 8/4/1971 New Haven, CT

GoldPannin 8/9/2022 2:40:11 PM

"Hell with Apple Music. Support Does Apple Music do live feed shows of Jam bands? Yeah didn’t think so. "

2cool 7/24/2022 12:13:27 AM

"Jerry playing that gospel at the end of gdtrfb. "

tic 7/18/2022 5:55:58 PM

"Absolutely right, it sounds much better on iTunes or Apple Music. Nugs could resolve the issue, they choose not to. "

ZRXChris 7/16/2022 4:52:03 AM

"Dunno, but IMO sound quality is better on Apple Music "



Set One

Big Railroad Blues 286


Hard To Handle 474


Me & Bobby McGee 382


Dark Star 1368


Bird Song 479


Not Fade Away 284


Goin' Down The Road Feeling Bad 564


Not Fade Away 193


Uncle John's Band 399


Johnny B. Goode 232


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