Grateful Dead

Got My Chips Cashed In - Live

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Show Notes

Deal - Live At Barton Hall Cornell University - Ithaca NY 5/8/77

Loser - Live At Lyceum - London England 5/26/1972

Mississippi Half Step Uptown Toodleoo - Live In Englishtown NJ 9/3/77

Tennessee Jed - Live At L'olympia Paris 5/3/72

Keep Your Day Job - Live At Richmond Coliseum - Richmond VA 11/1/85

Hell In A Bucket - Live At Sam Boyd Silver Bowl Unlv - Las Vegas NV 6/26/94

Stagger Lee - Live At Hampton Coliseum - Hampton VA 3/27/88

Here Comes Sunshine - Live At PNE Coliseum - Vancouver BC 6/22/73

Ship Of Fools - Live At University Of Nevada - Reno NV 5/12/74

Jack Straw - Live At Aladdin Theater - Las Vegas NV 3/26/83

Ramble On Rose - Live At The Strand Lyceum - London England 5/26/72 

Candyman - Live In Springfield MA 9/3/80

Doin' That Rag - Live At Fillmore West - San Francisco CA 2/28/1969

Me And My Uncle - Live At Family Dog At The Great Highway - San Francisco CA 2/4/70

Dire Wolf - Live At Jahnrhundert Halle - Frankfurt West Germany 4/26/72

Scarlet Begonias - Live At Cobo Hall - Detroit MI 10/3/76

Truckin' - Live At Tivoli Concert Hall - Copenhagen Denmark 4/17/1972


DorkStar 5/15/2024 10:50:56 PM

"This is a solid album, except for keep your day job. Weird pull, don’t understand it, but that’s ok. Some stand out shit on this. "

Ishy 5/15/2024 3:07:17 AM

"With Vegas starting, this is an epic way to start your travels! "

MadSwan 5/14/2024 3:35:57 PM

"Hey wow! That Stagger Lee was from my first Dead show. That's pretty neat. Whole show worth a listen."

BingoPete 5/14/2024 2:31:57 PM

"This is a cork sniffers compilation of some of the finest live Grateful Dead available. "

Rob Sobkoviak 5/13/2024 3:28:13 PM

"The guitar playing in “Deal” just sucked me right in — this is kind of like a greatest live hits play list in a lot of respects…three from the Europe 72 tour was a wise choice. Finished work and fired this up for the first time—just came out today. Yeah, I’m a fan. This sounds like candy tastes."


Deal 370


Loser 407


Mississippi Half-Step Uptown Toodleoo 815


Tennessee Jed 431


Keep Your Day Job 252


Hell in a Bucket 399


Stagger Lee 334


Here Comes Sunshine 731


Ship Of Fools 361


Jack Straw 341


Ramble On Rose 362


Candyman 454


Doin' That Rag 416


Me and My Uncle 209


Dire Wolf 286


Scarlet Begonias 714


Truckin' 668


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