Grateful Dead

Grateful Dead Download Series Vol. 6: Carousel Ballroom

San Francisco, CA

Mar 17, 1968

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About Formats
About Formats
Show Notes
3/17/68 Carousel Ballroom - San Francisco, CA

While working on the "Fillmore West 1969-The Complete Recordings" box set, we searched every nook and cranny of the vault for interesting contextual items for the release, as well as for material to include on the bonus CD offered with the box set and the 3-CD compilation. The greatest find amongst our many discoveries was this gem of a show, 3/17/68 at the Carousel Ballroom (the Carousel, of course, later became the Fillmore West). If you like Anthem of the Sun and Dick's Picks Vol. 22 (Lake Tahoe 1968), you will positively LOVE this new release. The sound quality is remarkable for its age, with a nice full mix; it has a song list that is exceptional even for this era of preposterously stunning song lists; and the performances match up with, and at times surpass, the much-lauded Tahoe '68 release.


Setlist at Grateful Dead Download Series Vol. 6: Carousel Ballroom, San Francisco, CA on Mar 17, 1968

Set One

Turn On Your Love Light 974


That's It For The Other One 557


New Potato Caboose 506


China Cat Sunflower 282


The Eleven 657


Caution (Do Not Stop On Tracks) 1255


Feedback 436


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