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Show Notes
  • Live/Dead - Grateful Dead (Warner Bros. 2WS 1830)
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  • The Dead:
    Jerry Garcia - guitar, vocals
    Bob Weir - guitar, vocals
    Pigpen - vocals, congas, organ on "Death Don't Have No Mercy"
    Phil Lesh - bass
    Bill Kreutzmann - percussion
    Mickey Hart - percussion
    Tom Constanten (TC) - keyboards

  • Full album download includes Bonus Material:
    Dark Star (Single)
    Radio Promo

  • Released on November 10, 1969

  • "Dark Star" and "St. Stephen" are from February 27, 1969 at the Fillmore West

  • "The Eleven" and "Turn On Your Lovelight" are from January 26, 1969 at the Avalon; "Death Don't Have No Mercy", "Feedback", and "We Bid You Goodnight" are from March 2, 1969 at the Fillmore West

  • According to engineer Bob Matthews, the album was recorded and mixed to simulate the sound presence of the Avalon Ballroom. According to Bear, the tapes were recorded "on a sixteen track Ampex MM-1000 2-inch professional recorder, with a split of the on stage mics going directly into the preamps of the tape machine, not through any mixing desk. This was my idea to reduce the amount of amplifiers the signal went through before being placed on tape. We had special preamps made for the machine to allow enough gain. This was arranged by Ron Wickersham who had worked for the professional audio recorder division of Ampex before becoming involved with the band in mid '68."

  • Mickey Hart plays guiro, scrapers, and gongs, among other percussion instruments, on "Dark Star".

  • At the shows used to create this album, Jerry Garcia played a cherry bodied Gibson SG, at times using a Vox Crybaby wah-wah pedal.

  • (notes excerpted with permission from "The Compleat Grateful Dead Discography" by Ihor Slabicky)
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    Dark Star 1398


    St. Stephen 391


    The Eleven 558


    Turn On Your Love Light 905


    Death Don't Have No Mercy 628


    Feedback 469


    And We Bid You Goodnight 37


    Dark Star 161


    WB Commercial for Live/Dead 60


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