Grateful Dead

In The Dark


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About Formats
About Formats
Show Notes
  • Expanded Edition with Bonus Tracks available here
  • In The Dark - Grateful Dead (Arista AL 8452)
  • Released July 6, 1987.
  • Only the cassette version of this album included My Brother Esau, inserted at the end of what is side one of the album.
  • Tons Of Steel was originally recorded by Brent Mydland for his unreleased solo album.
  • "Day Job" was intended for this album, but was not included, probably due to the poor audience response to the song when it was performed live.
  • The album reached number seven on the charts.
  • Much of the album was recorded "live" on stage at the Marin County Veteran' s Auditorium
  • David Gans added a few lines of lyrics: "I had that "shipping powders" couplet in my notes for a song of my own, and I thought it would fit right into "Throwing Stones" so I gave it to Bobby, and he liked it enough to plug it in! My other contribution was changing "You imagine me kissing the toe of our boot" to "You imagine me sipping champagne from your boot."
  • Touch Of Grey reached number 9 on the Billboard "Hot 100 Singles" list in September, 1987.
  • The RIAA certified the album as "Gold" on September 4, 1987, as "Platinum" on
    September 18, 1987, and as double "Platinum" on August 10, 1995.
  • Among the sound effects used on Hell In A Bucket are a leather bullwhip, provided by
    one of the crew, which was used as a percussion instrument and appears in the
    chorus and is panned, motorcycles, and dogs.
  •   The single eye on the cover belongs to Bill Graham.



Scribbles 5/1/2024 4:18:26 PM

"Mystical "


Touch of Grey 348


Hell In A Bucket 336


When Push Comes To Shove 248


West L.A. Fadeaway 399


Tons Of Steel 318


Throwing Stones 441


Black Muddy River 368


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