Jul 21, 2006

Umphrey's McGee

10000 Lakes Festival, Detroit Lakes, MN

07/21/06 10000 Lakes Festival, Detroit Lakes, MN


Set One

The Bottom Half 552


  • $0.99
Out Of Order 756


Believe the Lie 587


  • $0.99
Kabump 802


Slacker 448


  • $0.99
Eat 301


  • $0.99
Mulche's Odyssey 475


  • $0.99
Pay the Snucka 541


  • $0.99
40's Theme 588


  • $0.99


Nothing Too Fancy 993


Price for



Show Notes
Field Stage

  • Kabump with Crazy Train (Ozzy Osbourne) teases.
  • Reviews for this item

    The Konman 11/4/2009 9:19:06 PM

    "1st umph show ever. Best BIRTHDAY show ever. That sparked the beginning...this show was unforgettable"

    Q 1/18/2007 12:51:58 PM

    "Looks like I will be recieving my christmas present i asked for!! Umph on the main stage, I cant wait to see what they bust out. I hope they are a 2 set main act and not just the early 1 set main stage act!!"

    dave 1/3/2007 1:46:05 PM

    "This show was insane... i never heard there music until this day... i stood their with my jaw dropped the entire time.. my best friend almost cried it was so intence... 2 sets at `07 would make a sweet present. Im cant wait to see them 2 nights in minneapolis! "

    Q 12/19/2006 3:56:44 PM

    "Umphrey`s Mcgee playing 2 sets on the main stage at 10KLF `07 is all i ask and want for Christmas!!"

    B Mesch 10/18/2006 9:24:49 AM

    "it was endless. Bringing back Ntf from summer camp all the way to 10k was what made my summer. no errors, no limits. thats how they played. in my opinion, i thin they were paying us back phrom the all good show. 10k blew allgood out of the park. umphreys mad 10k endless phor us."