Umphrey's McGee

9:30 Club

Washington, DC

Apr 14, 2007

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About Formats
About Formats

Moose 3/1/2023 8:26:47 AM

"Set closing Bridgless features lego pieces of what is now Unevolved. The Phil's farm is a must hear, fun drumbox jams with samples galore. Morning song knife to the heart to close out set 2 and while you bleed out Jake brings home a real fun Tinks encore"

greg jagielski 6/1/2007 4:28:18 AM

"i have to say this was one of my best UM shows. i introduced my brother to his first live performance by um this night and was very glad that he experienced them with such a great show. i very highly recommend this one if you were not there to see it or get the live copy."

J 4/24/2007 5:45:45 PM

"These guys fail to upset me. This was my 7th Umph show and they have yet to let me down. Everytime I leave a show my chaw in on the floor. This show was no exception. Great energy the whole show. Sucks they had to stop playin at 11 but they defenitely brought the heat for this show. I would advise all to download this show well worth it. "

Josh 4/18/2007 8:40:06 AM

"This was the 2nd time I`ve seen these guys. 1st time being in Norfolk a couple months ago. This band is something else. It was better than the last show and i thought the last show was unbelievable. This band and their music have definitely made a difference in my life and I`m grateful to have been a part of the atmosphere that they create. A lot of good jams here...worth the download. Looking forward to the portsmouth show.."


Setlist at 9:30 Club, Washington, DC on Apr 14, 2007

Set One

Slacker 806


Bridgeless 750


Example 1 532


Nemo 181


Black Water 366


Nemo 138


Bridgeless 825


Set Two

Partyin' Peeps 608


Phil's Farm 1272


Wife Soup 857


Andy's Last Beer 488


Young Lust 279


Morning Song 616



Miss Tinkle's Overture 659


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